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Ms. Nurjahan Mohammed Sabir

Liver Cirrhosis

This is a beautiful story of a mother-daughter, where the daughter gifted her mother a fresh lease of life by being a Living Donor. 42-year old Nurjahan Mohammed Sabir was ... Read More

Mr. Kevin Stewart

Liver Transplant Surgery

It was due to excessive alcohol consumption that Kevin feel terribly ill; particularly, the most suffered organ was his Liver. He became a patient of a Chronic Liver condition ... Read More

Mr. Roger Mamba

Liver Transplant

Mr. Roger from Congo was suffering from a lot of health issues and the symptoms were pretty bad. He approached the local hospital where after going through a thorough ... Read More

Mr. Shanmukha Rao

End-stage Liver Disease

The symptoms of End-stage Liver Disease had made it extremely challenging for Mr. Shanmukha Rao to carry on with his routine life. He decided to have a check-up done ... Read More

Mr. Sarath Kumar Jevoor

Pancreas Transplant Surgery

There are millions around the world, who suffer from Diabetes and Mr. Sarath Kumar Jevoor was one of those millions. Being a patient of this hazardous health condition for ... Read More

Mr. Arun Kuman Singh

Chronic Liver Diseases, Pulmonary Hypertension

It came as a shock for 51-year old Mr. Arun Kumar Singh, who was detected with not one but multiple Liver conditions. He went for a health check-up at the company where he was ... Read More

Mr. Tokumine Kazuto

Liver Condition

It is an undeniable fact that hospitals of India have acquired immense fame across the globe for the kind of infrastructure that they are home to, the proficient surgeons, the high ... Read More

Mr. Brian

Combined Kidney Liver Transplant

It was in the year 2013 that 15-year old Brian fell sick and a detailed check-up and tests diagnosed him to be suffering with Kidney Failure. After going through a lot of struggle, his ... Read More

Mr. Arif

Liver transplant with a live donor

The patient was suffering from Liver problem since 2006, This is really unfortunate that a man at a age of 28 was suffering from all the consequences of cirrhosis such as, internal ... Read More

Ms. Tanushree

Pituitary Tumour

There is no doubt that it’s extremely burdening for any parent to see their child suffering from any health condition. The same was the case with 8-year old Tanushree.Despite ... Read More

Mr. Bold Ulgiit

Hepatitis C Virus

It was almost a year ago when 49-year old, Mr. Bold Ulgiit started facing the initial health issues. The local hospital suggested some tests, including a Liver Test, which revealed ... Read More

Max Dowedia

Liver Transplant

When it comes to liver transplant it becomes the most crucial stage of life because without a successfully healthy liver, human body cannot perform its normal routine functions. Max ... Read More

Mrs. Kabura Abdul Hamid

Liver Transplant with a Live Donor

Nigerians strictly adhere to their religions and traditions. The patient always cared about her children and protected them from every obstacle, she was there for her children ... Read More

Nabil Yahya

Liver Transplant Surgery

Liver problems are one of the increasing health problems occurring in the current era. Majority of the people are experiencing major health concerns and live associated ... Read More