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Cosmetic Surgery

India has a talent pool of qualified cosmetic surgeons, a lot of whom have been trained in the US and UK, in specialised areas of cosmetic surgery. With the recent development of the healthcare infrastructure in India, the best of facilities and equipment are also available with these surgeons. This coupled with the extremely low cost of the surgeries makes India the ideal destination for your cosmetic surgery needs. Cosmetic surgeries are done in complete privacy.

Ms. Brenda Lewis from USA
Cosmetic Surgery in India

Hello, to introduce I am Ms. Brenda Lewis from USA. Last week, I had my Cosmetic Facial Surgery in India at a world-class hospital making me young as I always wanted to be. I was in need to have a Cosmetic Facial Surgery, however, the high cost in US deterred me, I then searched for pocket friendly options especially in Asian countries. While searching, I came across a medical consultant- FORERUNNERS HEALTH CARE Group offering affordable packages pertaining to Cosmetic Facial Surgery in India. Their prices, facilities and quality were convincing, thus I gave my consent and reached India. The cosmetic clinic was the best with world-class facilities sufficing all my needs encompassing quality and experienced cosmetic team. The hygiene level was par with the hospitals we have in US. And above all, the hospitality and comfort the FORERUNNERS HEALTH CARE guys showcased surpassed all my expectations. I will certainly recommend Cosmetic Facial Surgery in Bangalore and FORERUNNERS HEALTH CARE Group to all my friends in US.

FAQ - Cosmetic Surgery in India Book Appointment

Is low cost Cosmetic Surgery in India is of International Standard?

Cosmetic Surgery in India is not only low cost, but at par with international standards. Our surgeons and experts are highly experienced and many are trained in the US, UK.

What should I expect after the procedure is performed?

Be prepared to meet the more gorgeous You! Cosmetic Surgery in India promises better than what you expect. There won�t be just a new face but higher self-esteem and a greater will to live life to the fullest.

Can I see before and after photos?

We would be pleased if you see the beautiful work our surgeons have done. Photos of our patients are available on the website.

What are my pain management and anesthesia options?

Pain management and anesthesia options differ as per the type of cosmetic surgery. The surgeon will educate you about all the options and risks entailed. You need be worried about them now.

How long will the procedure take?

The time taken in cosmetic surgery depends upon the extent of procedure undertaken. It may be anything from 1 to 5 hours or 6 to 7 hours.

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