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American patient undergoes herniated Disc Surgery in India

William, USA
Herniated Disc Surgery

“Finally, I get a chance to express my gratitude for the wonderful results I derived from the Herniated Disc Surgery in India through Forerunners Healthcare. A few years back in summer, after some very strenuous activity, I experienced a sudden radiating pain in my back. After consulting the doctor, I got to know that I had a herniated disc. According to the MRI scan, it confirmed as a left L4-5 bulge. From being an active security guard by, I came down to using a walker for pain-free mobility due to this newly diagnosed disorder. Initially, I experienced some rather amazing improvement with medication and physical therapy over the next couple of months or so. However, I suffered from a relapse very soon, and over the following months, I went through a series of pain killers and steroids with still no relief. Finding myself helpless despite the costly treatment procedures, I decided to undergo surgery in another country and came to know about Forerunners Healthcare. The packages offered by them were distinct, and so were the services provided by them were more than what we expected from any medical tourism firm. Thus we decided to proceed with them. I couldn’t find a better treatment option for my surgery, and so I decided to proceed with them for my surgery.”

“The experts of Forerunners Healthcare had done everything for me in India, and I am very much glad that they provided all their qualitative services at an affordable price. I am extremely thankful to Forerunners Healthcare for enabling me to undergo surgery with the best-herniated disc surgeon in India. Post my surgery; I no more have to take the support of the walker to move freely and execute my daily tasks. My best wishes shall forever remain with the entire team of this firm as they brought me back on my own feet. And this time, I confident about my health and wellness than ever before.”

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