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Surgery India Experiences

Mr. Jimmy, Nigeria

Relieving the Pain and Discomfort of Enlarged Prostate

Far beyond the Indian boundaries in Nigeria lived an old man Jimmy suffering from severe symptoms of enlarged prostate. The urgency to urinate and the difficulty experienced to urinate when go together it becomes a major cause of pain and discomfort... Read More

Mr. Musa, Nigeria

The medical treatment facilities for kidney stone surgery in India are excellent.

I am Musa from Nigeria I got Kidney Stone Surgery in India as I was suffering from kidney stones. Nigeria doesn’t provide fine medical facilities as it is an underdeveloped country After visiting a lot of websites I found Forerunners Healthcare... Read More

Ms. Shelly Klassy, California - USA

Gastric bypass surgery in New Delhi India, The latest fad among international patients

Gastric Bypass Surgery New Delhi, India is the latest fad among international patients, not only because of the low cost surgery procedures but also because New Delhi is a very popular tourist destination... Read More

Dr. Mohammed - Nigeria

Annual Health Check in India- Perfect Blend of Vacation and Well Being

Annual Health Check in India by foreign patients has become a new norm to blend a vacation and well being. The fact that drives the foreign patients to this Annual Health Check in India is an easy access to a high end consultation and complete body checkups leading to tangible solutions coming at quiet affordable rates... Read More

Mr. Tony Singer, USA

Sleeve Gastrectomy in India

I am Tony Singer from USA and I came for my sleeve gastrectomy in India through Forerunners Healthcare Consultants. I have been obese all my adult life. I do have health problems but mainly I over eat... Read More