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Kenyan Patient Undergoes Uro surgery with the Top Urosurgeons in Bangalore

Mr. Victor , Kenya
Uro Surgery

“Hi, I am Victor from Kenya. I had several healthcare experiences before, but I have never experienced the quality of care I received through Forerunners Healthcare in India with its international quality and low-cost medical services. Finding a medical facility that has the knowledge, experience, and state-of-the-art technology to provide the best diagnosis at a low cost is a crucial aspect in your treatment. I came in contact with Forerunners healthcare through vigorous internet research.

I was pleased after watching testimonial videos of patients on the forerunners consultants website. I sent my query to Forerunners Healthcare regarding my urosurgery as I was facing severe urology disorders. After two days, forerunners fixed me an appointment at one of the best urosurgeons in Bangalore, India. From the first conversation to arranging my visit India till my the final wave, I was treated with care and affection by Forerunners Healthcare Consultants. I want to thank everyone at the Uro-surgery hospital in Bangalore, India, for making my urosurgery experience comfortable and relaxed. My Urosurgery was performed very well in India, has acquired “state-of-the-art technology,” which includes a remarkable new diagnostic program for foreign patients. Indian doctors had excellent English, and it has helped me to converse. I happily recommend Forerunners Healthcare in India for getting the best-price and qualitative medical treatment.”

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