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Vertical Banded Gastroplasty in Kerala done at Minimal Cost for treating Obesity

Vertical banded gastroplasty in Kerala is done at minimal cost for treating obesity which attracts most of the International patients. Today with the advancement in surgery treatments throughout the world has enabled the patients to visit different countries for treatment. The easy availability of excellent treatment facilities along with the best obesity surgeons from India have made it possible for the international patients to get treatment in India. Vertical banded gastroplasty is done in Kerala, where it has some of the finest hospitals in the world. 

Vertical banded gastroplasty, also known as Stomach stapling, is a surgical  procedure  for those who are at significant health risk because of obesity. When  Vertical banded gastroplasty is performed, an incision is made in the abdomen, where a plastic band and surgical staples are used to create a small pocket or pouch in the tissue of the  stomach. This area is not entirely closed off from the rest of the  stomach, but rather there is a small hole, measuring about 0.25 inches (0.6 cm), through which food can pass to the rest of the  stomach, and from there to the intestines. This pouch is small enough that after the surgery, the person will only be able to eat about 1 cup (230 ml) of food before feeling uncomfortably full.

Sometimes,  Vertical banded gastroplasty can be coupled with another type of procedure, in which food is diverted past a large portion of the small intestine, preventing many  nutrients  from being absorbed. This translates into accelerated weight loss. In any case, a person who has a  Vertical banded gastroplasty performed will always need to take  nutritional supplements  such as multivitamins thereafter, due to his body's decreased ability to take nutrients from food.

Vertical banded gastroplasty in Kerala is beneficial for patients who come from countries like UK and USA where surgery costs are too high. Forerunners HealthCare in India offers you the Vertical banded gastroplasty along with the best medical care and accommodation and all other services required during the treatment. The surgery is performed by Indian surgeons who have plenty of experience in their field.

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