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Gastric Bypass Surgery in India for Obese Patients from USA Affected with Metabolic Syndrome

If you want to look good and your obesity is obstacle in your path then there is very good chance to look according to your expectations. By having gastric bypass surgery in India at the metro cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai and Hyderabad with the world class medical healthcare facilities and that too at very low cost. Indian hospitals provide different obesity surgeries. Gastric bypass surgery is one of the major in obesity surgeries. International obese patients from the countries like USA who are affected by metabolic syndrome prefer to have their gastric bypass surgery in India rather than other countries due to high quality international standards of medical and healthcare facilities available in India. The metabolic syndrome is characterized by a group of metabolic risk factors in one person. They include: Abdominal obesity (excessive fat tissue in and around the abdomen) Atherogenic dyslipidemia (blood fat disorders -  high triglycerides, low HDL cholesterol and high LDL cholesterol - that foster plaque buildups in artery walls) Elevated blood pressure, Insulin resistance or glucose intolerance (the body can’t properly use insulin or blood sugar), Prothrombotic state.

Gastric bypass operations combine the creation of a small stomach pouch to restrict food intake and construction of bypasses of the duodenum and other segments of the small intestine to cause malabsorption (decreased ability to absorb nutrients from food). How is Gastric Bypass Surgery done? In gastric bypass the surgeon creates a small pouch at the top of patient’s stomach and adds a bypass around a segment of small intestine. The surgeon staples patient’s stomach across the top, sealing it off from the rest of stomach. The resulting pouch is about the size of a walnut and can hold about an ounce of food. The pouch is physically separated from the rest of the stomach. Then, the surgeon cuts the small intestine and sews part of it directly onto the pouch. This redirects the food, bypassing most of patient’s stomach and the first section of small intestine, the duodenum. Food enters directly into the second section of small intestine, the jejunum, limiting patient’s ability to absorb calories. Even though food never enters the lower part of patient’s stomach, the stomach stays healthy and continues to secrete digestive juices to mix with food in patient’s small intestine. Some surgeons perform this operation by using a laparoscope — a small, tubular instrument with a camera attached — through short incisions in the abdomen (laparoscopic gastric bypass). The tiny camera on the tip of the scope allows the surgeon to see inside patient’s abdomen. What are the benefits of Gastric Bypass Surgery? In addition to dramatic weight loss, gastric bypass surgery may improve or resolve the following conditions associated with obesity: Type 2 diabetes, High blood cholesterol, High blood pressure, Obstructive sleep apnea, Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD).

Gastric bypass surgery in India has seen a phenomenal growth during recent past. Most patients from countries like USA and UK travel to developing countries such as India for treatment, few main reasons; India offers wide range of cheapest pricing options of treatment. While planning a treatment in India, one does not require waiting in patient queues or registering for a waiting list. Moreover the doctors and the medical facilities are comparable to anyone in the world. Another main reason for choosing India is comfort of language; one does not pose a problem as most people speak English.  Above all India always offers a good holiday, which can help in fast recoveries. Here are few more reasons why more and more people from overseas are considering India for health treatments such as The Growth of Obesity Surgery in India which shows that now medical tourism is behind the growth of cosmetic surgery in India. Medical tourism is where residents of one country in order to reduce the costs of their medical treatment at home, goes for a cheaper alternative treatments abroad (and take a free holiday with the savings) and one of such countries offering these alternative is India.India combines world-class healthcare with prices costing a fraction of those in the US or Europe.

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