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Obesity Treatment in India for Two Siblings

India is the uncontested leader in the delivery of healthcare of international standards within the Asian subcontinent. India has become the healthcare destination for the global community. Many international patients prefer to get their obesity treatment in India rather than waiting for their insurance providers to approve their obesity treatment procedures. Recently two siblings Bob Watson and Jessica Watson had their weight loss surgery in India at Mumbai. Bob and Jessica are from UK, both of them were suffering from obesity due to their obese family history, they were searching for good obesity surgeon in UK, they got an surgeon but the fees he was charging was too much, Bob and Jessica searched some more options on the internet for their obesity treatment they found a medical tourism company named forerunners healthcare providing the same surgery at very low cost in India with the world class medical healthcare. Bob and Jessica sent their medical reports to the medical tourism company. Medical Tourism Company arranged their obesity treatment in India with the best obesity surgeons in India at very low cost. Bob and Jessica after having their successful treatment in India went for a holiday to Goa.  

Obesity is a condition where a person holds excess weight that is more than a standard limit Obesity treatment in India has become one of the best remedies to loose weight. People with morbid obese do not respond to diet control protocols, weight reduction exercises, weight loss pills etc.  These efforts of treatment to reduce morbid obese are only a temporarily successful with the patients as they invariably regain more weight.  Even small amounts of weight loss are difficult to achieve and difficult to sustain. Causes of Obesity: Life style- like sedentary life style

Hereditary, Medical illness like Hypothyroidism, Cushing’s syndrome, Nutritional factor like consuming high lipid diet, Neurological factor like problem in the sympathetic supply to the stomach or in thalamus, Social factors like attending parties often, visiting the fast food restaurants,etc. Benefits of Obesity surgery: Laparoscopic Obesity surgery may decrease the hospital stay and early return to activity. Laparoscopic view surgery may have minimal pain. Result of the Laparoscopic obesity surgery is always long lasting. The procedure is simple, safe and reversible. The Obesity surgery controls the appetite so that patient feels full even in two bites of food intake.   The goal of the surgery is not only weight loss, but also the reversal of serious medical conditions.

Obesity treatment in India at Mumbai has taken a challenge for two years and succeeded in all aspects. Less Costs of treatment in India is another benefit to the patients of abroad. Obesity surgeries in India have seen a phenomenal Growth during recent past. Most patients from countries like USA and UK travel to developing countries such as India for treatment, few main reasons while choosing India at first choice are because India offers wide range of cheapest pricing options of treatment. While planning a treatment in India, one does not require waiting in patient queues or registering for a waiting list. Moreover the doctors and the medical facilities are comparable to anyone in the world.

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