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Severe Obesity Treatment in India with Cost Saving tourism in Goa and Kerala

Severe obesity treatment in India is done under expertise of experienced surgeons with cost saving in Goa and Kerala. Apart from the obesity treatment, patients can visit exotic beach locations and can transform their medical tour into holiday tour. Obesity treatment is preferred in India by international patients as they are much satisfied with the medical services. The cost of Severe obesity treatment in India at hospitals of Kerala and Goa, can be one-tenth of what it is in the United States or Western Europe, and sometimes even less.

Severe Obesity Treatment :- For any person with obesity, the first way to tackle weight loss is through behavioral modification and lifestyle changes in terms of diet and exercise. Many obese people find it difficult to maintain short-term weight loss using these measures and go on to be treated with pharmacological drug therapy. However, available weight loss drugs for obesity treatment only result in a maximum of 10% weight loss when used in addition to diet and exercise. In addition, many patients with Severe obesity fail to achieve long-term weight loss through these means, and may therefore undergo obesity surgical treatment in order to help promote weight loss. The type of surgery used to help people with Severe obesity lose weight is called bariatric surgery. Obesity bariatric surgery reduces the intake of calories and nutrients by modifying the gastrointestinal tract, thus promoting weight loss. There are a number of different bariatric surgery procedures that can be undertaken in order to do this.

Restrictive Obesity Bariatric Surgery as a Severe Obesity Treatment:- Restrictive Obesity bariatric surgery works by creating a small gastric reservoir in the stomach with a narrow outlet to delay emptying. This type of procedure reduces the amount of food the stomach can hold, but allows digestion to continue as normal. As a result, this type of severe obesity surgery reduces the intake of food and creates a feeling of fullness.

Many patients across the world prefer treatment of Severe obesity in India. India is one of the best destinations for international medical tourism which have top quality medical expertise to offer but also have great travel destinations like Goa and Kerala, where one can enjoy a medical vacation. Hospitals are internationally accredited for their amenities and skilled surgeons.

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