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Roux-en-Gastric Bypass Surgery Refreshing Holiday in Delhi, India

Medical tourism offers Roux-en-gastric bypass surgery in Delhi, India at affordable and economical budget package. A combination of many factors has lead to the recent increase in popularity of medical tourism. Exorbitant cost of healthcare and medical facilities in advanced countries, ease and affordability of international travel, favorable currency exchange rates in the global economy, rapidly improving technology and high standards of medical care in the developing countries has all contributed their share to this rapid development of medical tourism. Medical tourism has become a common form of vacationing, and covers a broad spectrum of medical services. Medical tourism mixes leisure, fun and relaxation together with wellness and healthcare. Hospitals at Delhi provide best medical facilities for Roux-en-gastric bypass surgery in Delhi, India.

Roux-en-gastric Bypass surgery is another Bariatric procedure endorsed by the NIH Consensus Report on surgical treatment of severe clinical obesity. Roux-en-Y is currently the most commonly performed Bariatric operation in India, and roughly 7 out of 10 Bariatric surgeons use it as their primary weight loss procedure. An easier gastric bypass operation than either Biliopancreatic Diversion stomach bypass or duodenal switch stomach bypass, Roux-en-gastric bypass surgery has been practiced for more than 30 years, during which it has demonstrated a high long-term success rate with relatively low rates of mortality (less than one percent) and post-operative health complications. Roux-en-Y patients typically lose 50-75 percent of their initial excess weight, which is a sufficient weight reduction to cure or significantly reduce most of the life threatening medical conditions associated with severe clinical obesity.

Roux-en-gastric bypass surgery in Delhi, India is one of the best options for you because it is available at world class hospitals at an affordable price. The well-to-do have been visiting India for this procedure for years in order to maintain their youthful appearance and their anonymity while recuperating on fabulous beaches of India. With the devaluation of the currency, these procedures are now within the means of many more people. Roux-en-gastric bypass surgery in Delhi, India is available at hospitals that have most advanced and up to date medical facilities and the rates are among the best in Asia.

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