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Dubai patient in India at Delhi for his gastric sleeve treatment

Last month a Sheikh visited Delhi for his gastric sleeve treatment in India. What if some one ignore you due to your obesity, what if you feel uncomfortable when you are in public place and being pointed out due to your excess weight and what if you are not comfortable in standard size chair due to your obesity. Certainly you will feel your life as burden. Mr.Sakeeb Sheikh native of Dubai had same feelings. He was over weight from child hood and was given many kinds of treatments by his parents. But all this treatments proved fail. He became more upset and was leading compromised life by avoiding extra curricular activity. Eventually he came to know about gastric sleeve surgery  and got a little hope losing weight .But such treatment was not in his financial budget being he already had  spent more money  was not in a position to bear heavy cost of gastric sleeve surgery. But he didn't stop and decided to go with gastric sleeve surgery. He gave an approach to many numbers of obesity surgeons and find out suitable destination for gastric sleeve surgery with world class hospitality but at low cost. He took heavy searched on the internet and came to know about low cost gastric sleeve treatment in India. But being form outsider he had to seek assistance of someone who will take care of all the requisite arrangements such as Surgeons appointment, Pre operative and post operative medical investigations and accommodation. In this manner only one way was suitable for him to seek assistance of medical tourism consultancy. Some how he came across forerunners healthcare medical tourism consultancy  and the results of treated patients on website of forerunners healthcare moved him to  forerunners healthcare consultancy for his gastric sleeve treatment it was possible for him just because the quality and cost of  gastric sleeve treatment was according to his acceptations. He came to India and with the assistance medical tourism consultancy was operated at Apollo hospital, Delhi. And when he was discharged from the hospital he was got another look, which he was looking for from his childhood.

GS is usually performed as the first stage of biliopancreatic bypass with duodenal switch in patients who may be at high risk for complications from more extensive types of surgery. These patients’ high risk levels are due to body weight or medical conditions. A GS operation restricts food intake and does not lead to decreased absorption of food. However, most of the stomach is removed, which may decrease production of a hormone called ghrelin. A decreased amount of ghrelin may reduce hunger more than other purely restrictive operations, such as gastric band. The Sleeve Gastrectomy is a new procedure that induces weight loss by restricting food intake. So that the stomach takes the shape of a tube or "sleeve." This procedure is usually performed on super obese or high risk patients with the intention of performing another surgery at a later time. This surgery may also be done on regular patients (BMI of 30+) who desire a lower risk procedure than the RNY Bypass while getting similar results. The second procedure a gastric bypass can then be done if necessary for the super obese to reach goal. Because the new stomach continues to function normally there are far fewer restrictions on the foods which patients can consume after surgery, albeit that the quantity of food eaten will be considerably reduced. This is seen by many patients as being one of the great advantages of the vertical gastrectomy, as is the fact that the removal of the majority of the stomach also results in the virtual elimination of hormones produced within the stomach which stimulate hunger.

Now days India has become one of the best destination for gastric sleeve treatment. Because of the result of treated patients of gastric sleeve speaks volume. Its quality consciousness and price factor are so much attractive, that is the only reason that the patients from across the world are wishing to have their gastric sleeve treatment in India, for gastric sleeve at low cost but with quality. Generally the destinations recommended for gastric sleeve are Mumbai, Delhi, Calcutta; Bangalore. With the plan of acquiring medical treatment you may also have taste of Indian heritage by visiting various tourist destinations.

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