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American patient underwent Hodgkins lymphoma surgery hospital in Delhi, India

Hodgkins Lymphoma surgery in India at the cancer hospital of Mumbai has saved the life of a American patient. Bryan Craig, a resident of America who was diagnosed with the Hodgkins Lymphoma by the Cancer surgeons of America. Bryan says “The cancer Hospitals in America are very expensive and the appointment with the surgeon often gets delayed. I was not having normal health cover insurance so I was not able to get the money altogether for my surgery. Thanks to Forerunners Healthcare who considered my case of Hodgkins Lymphoma surgery in India at a cancer hospital of Mumbai. Bryan got health recovery very soon without compromising for the international healthcare facilities at that too at an affordable less cost. Click here to view a cost comparison between India and other western countries.

Lymphoma is a type of cancer of the lymphatic system which consists of body’s blood filtering tissues that help to fight against infection and diseases. Lymphoma occurs when the lymphatic cells divide too much and too fast, so that it loses the growth control. As a result of this overcrowding and invasion of lymphatic cells occurs and the destruction of lymphoid tissues which spread over the other organs. Basically there are two types of lymphomas: “ Hodgkins Lymphoma and non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. This lymphoma is named after Dr. Thomas Hodgkin, who first recognized it in 1832. In Hodgkins Lymphoma surgery, the lymphatic tissue contains specific cells called as Reed-Sternberg cells. It begin in lymphatic tissues and are more likely to spread areas beyond the lymph nodes. Usually it is treated either by Chemotherapy and Radiation therapy. Chemotherapy refers to a treatment of disease with the implementation of chemicals. Chemotherapy is specially used for the treatment of all types of cancer. It usually refers to antineoplastic drugs used to treat cancer or the combination of these drugs into a standardized treatment regimen. Radiation Therapy is the proper medical implementation of ionizing radiation for the treatment of cancer like Hodgkins Lymphoma. The radiation fields may also include the draining lymph nodes if they are clinically or radiologically involved with lymph. It is used as a palliative treatment.

Majority of the international patients for Hodgkin’s Lymphoma surgery in India are successfully treated by Chemotherapy and Radiation therapy at the cancer surgery hospitals of Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai and Bangalore. India has a number of expert Cancer specialists for Hodgkin’s Lymphoma treatment. Medical tourism in India offers a very less cost for the Chemotherapy and Radiation therapy for Hodgkin’s Lymphoma treatment in India without compromising with the international healthcare quality provisions.

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