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Advanced International Institute of Bladder Cancer Surgery in India

India is well known for its advanced medical techniques for various treatments. Recently a new advanced international institute of bladder cancer surgery is opened in Mumbai which has all modern technology surgical equipments for bladder cancer surgery in India. International institute of cancer surgery in India has various surgical equipments like new radiation oncology center, CBCC facility, imaging and treatment technologies on a single machine. The institute also incorporates Varian's respiratory gating technology for synchronizing treatment with the patient's normal breathing pattern, enabling treatment of lung and other tumors that move as the patient breathes and brachytherapy -- a way of treating cancer from inside by placing tiny radiation sources in or near a targeted tumor. Most bladder cancers are transitional cell carcinomas (cancer that begins in cells that normally make up the inner lining of the bladder). Other types include squamous cell carcinoma (cancer that begins in thin, flat cells) and adenocarcinoma (cancer that begins in cells that make and release mucus and other fluids). The cells that form squamous cell carcinoma and adenocarcinoma develop in the inner lining of the bladder as a result of chronic irritation and inflammation. To know more about the medical healthcare facilities you will get during your bladder cancer surgery in India click here.

How is bladder cancer diagnosed? To diagnose bladder cancer, your doctor will: Ask about your medical history and do a physical exam, including a vaginal or rectal exam. Test your urine to look for blood or abnormal cells. Do a cystoscopy, a test that lets your doctor look into your bladder with a thin, lighted viewing tool. Small tissue samples (biopsies) are taken and looked at under a microscope to find out if there are cancer cells. How is it treated? Treatment choices for bladder cancer include surgery to remove the cancer, anti-cancer drugs (chemotherapy), medicines that help your immune system (biological therapy), and radiation. The treatment depends a lot on how much the cancer has grown. Most bladder cancers are treated without having to remove the bladder. Sometimes doctors do have to remove the bladder. For some people, this means having urine flow into a bag outside of the body. But in many cases, doctors can make a new bladder-using other body tissue-that works very much like the old one. Bladder cancer often comes back. The new tumors can often be treated easily if they are caught early. So it’s very important to have regular checkups after your treatment is done. It’s common to feel scared, sad, or angry after finding out that you have bladder cancer. Talking to others who have had the disease may help you feel better. Ask your doctor about support groups in your area. You can also find people online who will share their experiences with you. Anything that increases your chance of getting a disease is called a risk factor. Risk factors for bladder cancer include the following: Smoking, Being exposed to certain substances at work, such as rubber, certain dyes and textiles, paint, and hairdressing supplies, A diet high in fried meats and fat, Being older, male, or white, Having an infection caused by a certain parasite.

India is one of the fastest growing markets in the world for medical services and pharmaceuticals. However, during the last decade corporate and other private hospitals have begun to emerge as a significant part of the Indian healthcare system. Indian private hospitals are providing the best world class services to the international patients who are visiting to India for their bladder cancer surgery in India. The international institute of bladder cancer surgery in India is providing the lowest cost surgical treatment to the patients across over the globe. The medical tourism of India is assisting the abroad patients to undergo their surgery in India very easily and also arranges a combine package of medical treatment with an holiday to the various tourist destinations in India as per the choice o the patients. India is the second largest English speaking community in the world so there is no problem of language in India for international patients. Another main advantage is the cost advantage the basic needs like food and stay in India are very affordable in India.

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