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British Patient Get Low Cost Reversal Vasectomy Surgery in Chennai

Mr. Stephan Hines, UK
Male Revision Sterilization Surgery

“ Hello, I’m Stephen Hines, and I am from the USA. I had a vasectomy surgery a few years ago, but now I wish to have a child. So, I contacted Forerunners Healthcare Consultants, a medical tourism company in India, because of my prior experience with them. I briefed them about my problem. I had received a specific medical treatment from Forerunners Healthcare in the past, and hence I didn’t consider any other option for my Reversal Vasectomy Surgery. Upon taking the recommendations of the associated in the firm, I was recommended to undergo Vasectomy Reversal Surgery in Chennai, India. I knew that Forerunners gives the most affordable and good alternatives as per the prerequisites and ability of the patient, and without any succeeding thoughts, I came to Chennai for my Vasectomy Reversal Surgery. As I expected, the hospitality was splendid, and I’m glad that I have found forerunners healthcare.”

“The Forerunners staff made all the necessary arrangements even before my arrival in India. Right from the hotel reservations, conveyance, Visa letters, everything was arranged by the consultants. The urology hospital where I was supposed to undergo surgery with one of the Best Hospitals for Reversal Vasectomy Surgery in Chennai. It was having all the latest technologies and equipment. The surgeon under whom I was supposed to undergo Vasectomy Reversal Surgery was very professional and knowledgeable that on my very first encounter with the surgeon itself, I started putting all my faith in him. Finally, by the end of the week, I underwent sterilization reversal surgery. It was a success, and I was healthy after the same. After my surgery, I contacted my wife. She was thrilled with this news. Post this surgery and availing so many specific services with Forerunners Healthcare at such an affordable cost, I would suggest forerunners healthcare to every friend and relative back in my hometown. It was genuinely great being here. Thank you for everything.”

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