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American Woman Benefits from Low-Cost Abdominoplasty Surgery in Pune

Ms. Meshelle, USA

“Hello, I’m Meshelle, and I came from the USA to India for my Abdominoplasty surgery. After rigorous efforts, I had finally experienced an apparent weight loss in the stomach region and expected to get fit into my new jeans, but to my surprise, my stomach area expanded in no time. Soon the constant increasing size of my belly become a severe concern, and that is when I started searching of all the alternatives to get rid of the body fat. One of my co-workers shared her experience of undergoing weight loss procedure to get rid of the extra weight in India. I discussed the inevitability of undergoing weight loss surgery to lose quick weight for my issue with my general physician in my country, on which she suggested abdominoplasty surgery. Since I wanted to get the surgery done in India as per my friend’s suggestion, I didn’t found an ideal medium to experience the same. I almost put the plan of undergoing weight loss surgery on the back burner, but soon I contacted Forerunners Healthcare Consultants in India. Along with providing my surgery in the best medical center and with the top cosmetic surgeon, forerunners assured me of an affordable treatment along with full-time assistance in every step of the way. Forerunners Healthcare was the best option for me from all the aspects, and I’m happy I found the medical health providing group.

The forerunner associates scheduled my Abdominoplasty Surgery in Pune, India and it was performed with precision and care. Today after a week of my arrival in India and undergoing a successful Abdominoplasty Surgery in Pune, I can say that Forerunners Healthcare proved to be the best option for me and was true to every assurance given by them as during my research, I had the sense that the firm was over-promising, which gave me doubts. Post my surgery. I can say that I underwent cosmetic surgery in India and not for a single time, I thought of Forerunners Healthcare being the wrong decision for me. I am deeply warmed with the care and warmth bestowed upon me throughout my medical trip in Pune, India, by the entire staff of this firm. I shall forever be thankful to Forerunners Healthcare Consultants and would recommend them to every friend and relative in USA.”

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