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USA Patient Jonathan undergoes Urology Surgery in Chennai, India

Mr. Jonathan, USA
Complex Urology Surgery

“Hello I’m Mr Jonathan and I would like to sincerely thanks to forerunners healthcare in India, a medical tourism company for assisting me with the best Urology Surgery at Chennai in India. I’m a USA native and the surgeons in my home country were unable to provide me with the best medical healthcare facilities for Uro surgery. While searching for a country that could give me both qualitative and low-cost treatment. I was quite impressed with their website, their testimonials, and affordable healthcare package. The consultancy was also very prompt in replying each of my queries. I think this was the reason why I was sure to go through surgery with their assistance.

After coming to Chennai, I was more than happy about my decision after receiving the services offered with warmth and dedication. My surgery was planned in one of the leading urology hospitals in Chennai. The medical healthcare centre was just an ideal place in Chennai. I was not only impressed with the attending surgeon but with the entire staff and the services I encountered. In the very next week of my arrival, I underwent urology surgery with one of the best urology surgeons in Chennai. It was a successful procedure, and I could see how happy my family was to see me in a healthy condition.

With Forerunners Healthcare, I got everything that a patient could ask for. I shall forever be grateful to their persistent efforts to make this medical trip comfortable and stress-free. If it weren’t for them, I would have never been able to overcome my urology disorder in Chennai, at a truly reasonable price.”

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