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Read How Mrs. Agha from Pakistan Recovered From Breast Cancer!

Mr. Agha, Pakistan
Breast Cancer Surgery for his wife

Hello, I am Mr. Agha from Pakistan. My wife Bushra was diagnosed with breast cancer a while ago, and We came for breast cancer surgery in India through Forerunners Healthcare Group. Being the pillar of our family, and we all are dependent on her for almost everything, and she is also the one who is mostly maintained, and in good health, she eats healthy and strictly avoided anything processed or from cartons. When we first got the news of her breast cancer, we were quite shattered, but we had to stay active and support her. She has been a health-conscious person, but she started developing some unusual symptoms a few years back. I remember when she first told us that she feels a lump in her chest and that it hurts little. We consulted our family doctor, and he asked her to take some tests. After the test reports came up, we were told that she is diagnosed with breast cancer. Knowing about the disease in your body can shatter anybody, and watching your wife go through all this extremely difficult.

We were in shock after knowing this. Since the tumor was spreading, we decided to go for surgery and started looking for surgeons in Pakistan. Since I was concerned about the medical facilities in my country and the cost of breast cancer surgery in Pakistan, we kept our options open.

We started looking on the internet to find an alternative elsewhere, and luckily we found Forerunners Healthcare Consultants in India. Without wasting time, we sent a query regarding my wife’s breast cancer surgery in India. I was happy to see the quick and prompt reply from the company asking me for some more details and the reports. I provided them with all of my wife's reports. I had an hour-long discussion with an associate of forerunners regarding breast cancer surgery in India, including the doctors, cancer specialists, our visa arrangements, surgery cost, etc. The consultancy answered all of our questions regarding the treatment very nicely and made sure every inquiry is responded to well. My wife got her surgery arranged with the best cancer facility in India. When we reached India, we were accompanied by a customer relations officer of the forerunners healthcare. He took us to the hospital, where my wife was supposed to get my surgery done in India. The hospital was very friendly and beautiful. I was feeling comfortable as I can speak Hindi and English very well. The staff of the hospital was amiable. I’m so happy with the successful surgery and would like to thank the entire team of forerunners healthcare for their support.

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