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Australian native’s reversal vasectomy surgery in India

Jeff Geisman, Australia
Revision Vasectomy Reversal Surgery

“Hello, it satisfies me to be able to share my experience of getting treatment in India. I’m Jeff Geisman, and I came to India for my Vasectomy Reversal Surgery, under the assistance of Forerunners Healthcare, one of the best medical tourism consultants in India. After experiencing their services provided and undergoing a successful surgery with the best urologists in Mumbai, India, I can say that my decision to take the consultant's assistance for Vasectomy Reversal Surgery, was the best and that we couldn’t have found the ideal destination for the same.”

“The procedure of reversal vasectomy is costly in my hometown Australia, and I couldn’t afford the same. Since my family dint wants me to settle for any mediocre medical Centre in our country, they happy to take me to India for my surgery as it is the best destination when it comes to medical tourism. At Forerunners Healthcare was one of the top healthcare providers, after doing enough research on our end, we decided to proceed with them for my surgery. Since that day we didn’t have to bother about anything as every little aspect of our treatment was taken care of by them. On the day of our arrival in India, I was received with great warmth by the experts who prepared me for the further proceeding of my treatment. I am very grateful to the network of this explicit firm, as it was because of them that I experienced reversal vasectomy surgery with the best urology hospital in Mumbai, India.

“We, as my family was pleased as I not only got offered the best treatment but were treated with great warmth. Kudos to the service of this team as they showed promptness in not just helping me get the best possible treatment but in also assisting my family and me with everything related to it, starting from the Visa, conveyance, accommodation, and food. I shall forever be grateful for this wholesome visit. It was indeed a splendid experience with Forerunners Healthcare.”

Jeff Geisman

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