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Cost Orchiectomy surgery in India

Now days most advanced surgical treatment facilities are available all over, thus the success rate of different surgery procedures has reached sky limits, and patients recover very fast out of their surgery. In India best surgery centers are available in most prominent cities at Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and Hyderabad for orchiectomy surgery in India. Because of this availability of best treatment facilities, very good success rate of surgical treatment procedures like orchiectomy surgery and very low cost of treatment in India many international patients are attracted top India for their surgical treatment in India. Orchiectomy is the removal of the testicles. The penis and the scrotum, the pouch of skin that holds the testicles, are left intact. An orchiectomy is done to stop most of the body's production of testosterone, which prostate cancer usually needs in order to continue growing. Patients go back home happily after getting their low cost orchiectomy surgery in India, this is clear from the success rate of surgery in India. You can see different Patients’ Experiences after their treatment in India.

Orchiectomy is the surgical removal of one or both testicles, or testes, in the human male. It is also called an orchidectomy, particularly in British publications. The removal of both testicles is known as a bilateral orchiectomy, or castration, because the person is no longer able to reproduce. Emasculation is another word that is sometimes used for castration of a male. Castration in women is the surgical removal of both ovaries. An orchiectomy is done to treat cancer or, for other reasons, to lower the level of testosterone, the primary male sex hormone, in the body. Surgical removal of a testicle is the usual treatment if a tumor is found within the gland itself, but an orchiectomy may also be performed to treat prostate cancer or cancer of the male breast, as testosterone causes these cancers to grow and metastasize. An orchiectomy is sometimes done to prevent cancer when an undescended testicle is found in a patient who is beyond the age of puberty. A bilateral orchiectomy is commonly performed as one stage in male-to-female gender reassignment surgery. It is done both to lower the levels of male hormones in the patient's body and to prepare the genital area for later operations to construct a vagina and external female genitalia. There are three basic types of orchiectomy: simple, subcapsular, and inguinal. The first two types are usually done under local or epidural anesthesia, and take about 30 minutes to perform. An inguinal orchiectomy is sometimes done under general anesthesia, and takes between 30 minutes and an hour to complete. Normal results depend on the location and stage of the patient's cancer at the time of surgery. Most prostate cancer patients, however, report rapid relief from cancer symptoms after an orchiectomy. Patients with testicular cancer have a 95% survival rate five years after surgery if the cancer had not spread beyond the testicle. Metastatic testicular cancer, however, has a poorer prognosis.

Medical tourism in India provides good assistance to patients for their low cost and safe surgical treatment in India. Insurance companies also provide coverage for orchiectomy surgery and will reimburse the cost of the surgery. Due to rapid growth in healthcare costs, Nigerian, Canadian and Australian patients in increasing numbers are in search of other alternatives that can reduce their pocket burden for medical expenses. Medical procedures in India cost very less as compared to the ones in U.S, Europe. You can see this cost comparison for different treatment procedures here: Cost Comparison. Patients get their low cost orchiectomy surgery in India with best possible outcomes as the surgery is provided to patients in India’s best surgery centers. You can contact us for detailed information of orchiectomy surgery in India by filling up an Enquiry Form.

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