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Madagascar Patient’s Successful Vasoepididymostomy in Hyderabad, India

Mr. Martin, Madagascar
Vaso Epididymostomy Surgery in India

“Hi, I’m Martin Lacey, and I came to India for Vasoepididymostomy Surgery in Hyderabad, through Forerunners Healthcare. Today I am pleased to share my Vaso Epididymostomy treatment experience as it has been the best in the history of my medical ailments. I had my vasectomy surgery a few years back. But, now I want to have children of my own. But because of my vasectomy surgery, there wasn’t a chance for the same. ”

“I discussed this concern with a friend in Madagascar, and he suggested to visit India for vasectomy reversal surgery as he underwent the same operation with the help of Forerunners Healthcare Consultants in India. Agreeing with the same, I contacted them and sent all my case details via e-mail. On the same day, I got a call from one of the forerunner’s associates. I had a quick discussion with the coordinator, and he booked me with one of the best urologists in India. After a conversation with the doctor himself, I was ready to go with the procedure and had my dates for Vasoepididymostomy in Hyderabad, India, fixed. I was happy with getting treatment dates according to my convenience as it is so easy with countries like the USA and UK.”

“When I reached India, I couldn’t help but notice that everything was well planned. Since everything was already taken care of right from the visa to hotel booking, I didn’t have to worry about a single thing. From the airport itself, the experts took me to the Best Hospital for Urology Surgery in Hyderabad, where I was supposed to meet my surgeon. He was amongst the best vasoepididymostomy surgeons in Hyderabad, and I had all my doubts cleared in a brief discussion with him. After Getting to know the surgeon’s experience and proficiency, I was assured of undergoing successful and beneficial surgery. In a week of my arrival in Hyderabad, I underwent surgery, and my family was pleased to find me in a stable and healthy condition. I want to thank Forerunners Healthcare consultants for all the care and support and also the surgeons who operated me. If I hadn’t had their support and guidance, it would not have been possible for me to receive this level of qualitative treatment at such an affordable price. Thank you so much for everything.”

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