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Aged woman rediscovers life after Spinal Stenosis Surgery in India

Debjit's Mother, India
Spinal Stenosis Surgery


"Hello, my name is Debjit. My mother got her spinal stenosis surgery in India through Forerunners Healthcare with the best keyhole spine surgeon in India. First, my mother consulted many surgeons before getting it done through Forerunners Healthcare. All of them were giving a biased and varied medical opinion, but, none of them gave a perfect solution to my problem. Deprived of the same, I started looking on the internet to know if I can find any reasonable alternative within the country for my mother’s surgery and got to know about Forerunners Healthcare. Impressed with the patient’s experience and feed available on the website, I contacted the associates immediately and gave them an idea of my mother’s case. I was surprised by the quick emails from the consultants on the firm. Without any second thought, we decided to proceed with them."

" It was because of the help provided by Forerunners Healthcare, that my mother underwent surgery in one of the best hospitals for Spinal Stenosis in India, which had some of the best spine surgeons of the country. Not only did the experts took care of my mother’s treatment but also arranged everything related to it. Starting from our hotel accommodations, visa, transport, and food were organized by the team. My mother’s surgery took three days, and throughout the same, we had the back of the advanced services of this firm. "

"Today after experiencing every aspect of my mother’s treatment with Forerunners Healthcare, I can say this with utmost pride that in all these days, we got the best medical facilities and services at a reasonable price. My mother is pleased with the treatment she got and is all praises for the hospital and its staff. She got the best care and the best medications for her treatment. The hospital was beneficial and beautiful. I am very much thankful to the whole team of Forerunners Healthcare for their help and assistance. Treatment of this class wouldn’t have been possible without this team. Kudos to their service."

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