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Pakistani Patient’s Successful Sarcoma Treatment in India

Mrs. Bushra Khan, Pakistan
Sarcoma Surgery


Hello, I am Mrs Bushra Khan from Pakistan, and I came to India for my sarcoma surgery through Forerunners Healthcare Group. I confronted a lot of problems due to the sarcoma as it was in my leg, and it has restricted my movements and everyday work. I started looking for surgeons in Pakistan, but I was told that the only way to get rid of sarcoma was to chop off the affected portion. But, I was not ready for that.

My son started internet research to find an alternative surgery abroad, and luckily we found Forerunners Healthcare Group in India. After forwarding my reports to the healthcare consultants, it was all easy. I was happy as they were quick in responses and worked with compassion to heal. Then I had a brief discussion with a forerunner associate about my sarcoma surgery in India. And he assured me I wouldn’t lose my leg. I finished formalities as soon as I could and got sarcoma surgery arranged with the best medical facilities and treatment in India.

In India, I received the best medical facilities and the world-class services for my sarcoma surgery. The staff of the cancer hospital were skilled and trained for emergencies. They took complete care of me. I am thrilled with the treatment I got. I am pleased with the follow-up care provided by the staff of the hospital as well. I am delighted after my sarcoma surgery in India.

I want to thanks Forerunners Healthcare and the team for their efforts to make this medical trip a success story and taking care of every little detail during my stay. They are the best!

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