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Nigerian patient's Experience After Orthognathic Surgery in India

Mr. Aderan - Nigeria
Jaw Surgery in India

Orthognathic Surgery in India attracts international patients from all across the globe for high-end medical services and world-class medical expertise that too at much lower price. This is the reason why Indian medical tourism is creating waves. We see thousands of overseas patients coming to India for various medical treatment and surgeries including the Orthognathic Surgery. Moreover, India also happens to be a tourist paradise, wherein the international patients coming for their medical treatment can club easily the leisure trips. They get to see world heritage sites to mesmerizing beaches of Goa and Kerala.

We at Forerunners Healthcare Group have served countless foreign patients for various medical ailments and by doing so have carved a niche in medical tourism industry. We have good network of hospitals, surgeons and doctors catering quality treatment all across the country. Unlike many, Mr. Aderan from Nigeria had his Orthognathic Surgery in India; he shares with us his pleasant experiences, read to know more about it.

“Hi there! My name is Mr. Aderan, and I am from Nigeria. Last month, I had my Orthognathic Surgery in India that was efficiently managed by my medical consultant - Forerunners Healthcare Group. Before I share my amusing experiences of being to India, let me thank them for their meticulous and relentless service they gave me and helping me to get free from my jaw pain. Until few weeks before, I was a suffering man, with my life going for a toss owing to my jaw issues which started when I meet with a car accident. I often encountered a jaw joint pain and headache along with difficulty in chewing or biting food even I faced difficulty in swallowing. I consulted a craniofacial surgeon who after my physical examination suggested having Orthognathic Surgery. However, I wasn’t very sure about this surgery being available in Nigeria at low cost but with high quality, so without really wasting my time, I made up my mind to get an option abroad. Though wasn’t really clear how and what to do next, until I was suggested by my friend to try searching about Orthognathic Surgery in India and other Asian countries. He stressed more on India since he knew few of his relatives who had gone for their respective medical treatment.

So without wasting any time, I researched for Orthognathic Surgery in India over the internet. After spending a substantial amount of time investigating about the same, I realized that the option of India sounds better than countries like Thailand and Indonesia. I found that having Orthognathic Surgery in India is not only an economical option but can be expected with quality assurance. I realized how Indian healthcare sector has grown with mushrooming number of world class hospitals with state of art facilities unlike how we see in developed nations like the US or UK. During this research I came across a medical consultant called - Forerunners Healthcare Group, I noticed their packages of Orthognathic Surgery in India to be pretty economical with loads of facilities. I also read the experiences of international patients with mostly of the Nigerian patients narrating their experiences. Moreover, the list of doctors and medical team along with hospitals and Healthcare units was long enough to consider for my Orthognathic Surgery in India. I posed a query about my surgery along with my medical history, and enquired about having my Orthognathic Surgery in India. The response was quick, within two days; I was given the package for my surgery taking care of all my needs and concerns.

So I gave my consent about my Orthognathic Surgery in India and thus applied for my medical visa. The next week itself, I was seen boarding my flight for Orthognathic Surgery in India. On reaching there, I realized how perfect was the arrangements done by the Forerunners Healthcare Group. I was picked up at the airport by a jovial executive of the medical consultant. He made me comfortable and straight away took me to the hospital, where I was admitted and then after settling down, met my craniofacial surgeon for my Orthognathic Surgery. He seemed a thorough professional fellow with massive experience in handling things. Hence I was quiet relaxed after meeting him. The surgery involves one jaw or the two jaws during the same procedure. The modification is done by making cuts in the bones of the mandible and / or maxilla and repositioning the cut pieces in the desired alignment. Usually surgery is performed under general anesthetic and using nasal tube for intubation rather than the more commonly used oral tube; this is to allow wiring the teeth together during surgery. The surgery often does not involve cutting the skin, and instead, the surgeon is often able to go through the inside of the mouth. Cutting the bone is called osteotomy and in case of performing the surgery on the two jaws at the same time it is called a bi-maxillary osteotomy (two jaws bone cutting) or a maxillomandibular advancement. The bone cutting is traditionally done using special electrical saws and burs, and manual chisels. In this way my Jaw Surgery in India was carried out smoothly.

After my Jaw Surgery in India, I stayed in the hospital for five days under observation and later was discharged with a list of precautions. The doctor advised me to continue with soft food to get an accelerated recovery. After following all the said instructions, I am back to my normal life and Lastly, let me thank all of them who helped me out in everything-.certainly, my medical consultant- Forerunners Healthcare Groups. May God bless them all! I would indeed recommend them and the Orthognathic Surgery in India.

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