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A Woman from The Uk Undergoes Tummy Tuck Surgery In India

Michelle Morelle, UK
Tummy Tuck Surgery (Abdominoplasty)

“Hello, my name is Michelle Morella, and I came to India from London, UK. I have deprived of the excess fat on my body that dint responds to any exercise or regular controlled diet. This condition of my body introduced me to problems that I never had, like diabetes and Hypertension. A few months back, finally, I decided to undergo weight loss surgery and came to India for the same. Here I was told that Tummy Tuck Surgery would be the best option for me. Since I was determined to get rid of the excess weight on my body, I agreed without being hesitant. According to my doctor back in England, I was fit for the surgery, but the cost of the treatment in England was very high, and I couldn’t afford the same. Since we had a clue that India is one of the best destinations for advanced yet low-cost medical treatments, we decided to visit India for my surgery. Forerunners Healthcare was amongst the top medical tourism firms in India, and hence without any second thought, we decided to take their guidance for my surgery in India.”

“As expected from the proficient firm, the experts in forerunners healthcare scheduled my cosmetic surgery with the Top cosmetic surgery hospital in Mumbai along with one of the most explicit surgeons. Upon our arrival in Mumbai, India, the consultant team had made arrangements for everything, right from the pickup from the airport, hotel reservations to our food. They had also assisted me with the prerequisites to travel abroad.”

“After our arrival in Mumbai, India, I was prepared for the surgery, followed by some tests. I had a tummy tuck surgery with the team of the best cosmetic surgeons in Mumbai. The results of the operation were splendid; I could even see the difference in my entire physique. My whole family was delighted with my decision as I derived the best results with the best team of doctors at such a pocket-friendly cost.”

“I shall be grateful to the team of Tour2India4Health for conducting such a hassle-free visit to Mumbai. It is only because of them that I shall no more be under appearance issues and will be confident enough to live my life fully.”

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