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American woman avails Affordable Obesity Surgery in India

Elizabeth, Dallas
Obesity Surgery (Gastric Sleeve)

"Hello, Myself Elizabeth and I came to India from Dallas, USA, for my obesity surgery through Forerunners Healthcare. In the last few months, I had put on a lot of weight, which was neither responding to regular exercises nor a healthy lifestyle. When I discussed my issue with my friend who had suffered with the same situation, she suggested me to take obesity surgery and also told me about Forerunners Healthcare, which is one of the famous medical tourism companies in India. When I sent the details of my case to the firm, the experts on it were very quick with their answers and gave me a brief idea of my treatment. After getting a response from the experts and reading the experiences of various international patients, I was no more hesitant to proceed with them for my surgery."

"With Forerunners Healthcare, we dint had to worry about a single thing as the firm had made all the arrangements that were required to undergo a wholesome treatment in India. On the day of my arrival in India, the experts accompanied me to the medical center that I had selected for my surgery. Here, I met one of the best obesity surgeons in India to discuss my condition. He was a great professional and briefed me thoroughly with the details regarding my surgery. The surgeon then scheduled my gastric sleeve surgery in the next week, and I underwent at best cosmetic surgery hospital of Mumbai."

"I am grateful to Forerunners Healthcare for offering me their excellent services. The hospital in which I underwent my surgery was very nice. I am all the right words about this company as along with ensuring quality treatment. They also availed it to me at a truly affordable price. I am pleased with the results of the surgery, which were possible only due to the peerless precision of the surgeon who connected with Forerunners Healthcare. All the services offered by this company were excellent, and whenever I get a chance in future, I shall recommend Forerunners Healthcare for obesity surgery to every friend and relative back in my hometown. If it hadn’t been them, I couldn’t have got the opportunity to experience such a wholesome treatment."

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