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Aasim from USA undergoes Laser Discectomy in the best hospital of India

Aasim, USA
laser disectomy

“Hello I’m Aasim, and I came to India from USA. Today I am here to express my thankfulness towards Forerunners Healthcare for all that they have done for me throughout my treatment in India. I have never felt good since before I had injured my back on or around April 2007. I serious an injury I had suffered while performing my police duties and began experiencing extreme pain & shooting nerve pain in my lower back which shot down my entire left leg, buttock and groin. The pain was so severe I couldn’t even walk. I was taken to a neurologist then where I was given heavy narcotics via IV infusion in the critical department.”

“I was then put on heavy narcotic drugs throughout my stay. These drugs took did help me a little, but they weren’t effective for the long run. I was only getting 2 hours a night of sleep and was becoming near the edge of my sanity. I went to several pain management doctors, who gave me epidural injections which helped for a brief time and then when the nerve pain began to intensify I became frightened. I was never going to have it that bad again I swore. I was told I may have to get surgery or live in pain for the rest of my life. I did not wish to have surgery so I began to look on the internet for alternative methods and came across the website of Forerunners Healthcare.”

“I read about the laser discectomy in India and called them right away. Within 6 days, I was seen in the hospital associated with Forerunners Healthcare Consultants, in which I was supposed to get my laser discectomy surgery in India. After my laser discectomy surgery in India was over, I was very happy with the result. I was not feeling any pain in the back or leg which was unbelievable for me. I was happy that finally this is over, I will not be suffering from any further pain.”

Forerunners Healthcare Consultants did something really great for me. I shall tell all my friends and relatives to get their treatment in India through Forerunners Healthcare, and I myself shall never forget what Forerunners they have done for me. thank you so very much. Wishing this great firm more and more success.”

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