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Penile cancer surgery in India

Penile cancer surgery in India is available at very low cost compared to that of the cost of same treatment in other developed countries like the U.S. and U.K. Cancer surgery hospitals in most prominent cities of India at Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai and Pune provide very good treatment facilities for the safe and comfortable cancer surgery of patients. You can see details here: Treatment Facilities. The treatment facilities provided by these cancer surgery hospitals are best and medical infrastructure in India is very good thus many patients from other countries are getting attracted to India for their penile cancer surgery in India. As the surgical procedure of penile cancer surgery is very complex and it is generally suggested to get surgery done from an expert surgeon. The availability of most experienced surgeons makes India an ideal destination for abroad patients seeking a risk free cancer surgery at low cost. Also, many patients who are not getting appointment from abroad cancer surgeons and their treatment is getting delayed are also attracted to India for their surgery. As in India cancer surgery is provided at low cost without any delay in medical appointments.

Penile cancer is a very rare form of cancer that occurs mostly in uncircumcised men. The penis is the external male genital organ, and consists of three chambers of spongy tissue that contain multiple blood vessels, nerves, and smooth muscle. The corpora cavernosa make up two of the chambers, and are located on both sides of the upper part of the penis. The corpus spongiosum is located below the corpora cavernosa and surrounds the urethra, the tube through which urine and semen exit the body at an opening called the meatus. At the tip of the penis, the corpora cavernosa expands to form the helmet, or glans. Number of international patients had got good results after having their penile cancer surgery in India. The majority of penile cancers develop from flat, scale-like skin cells called squamous cells. Like most other forms of non-melanoma skin cancer, these tumors tend to grow slowly and are usually preceded by precancerous changes that may last for several years. When detected in the early stages, these tumors can usually be cured. Squamous cell penile cancers can develop anywhere on the organ, but most develop on the foreskin or on the glands. A very rare type of penile cancer called adenocarcinoma can develop in thee sweat glands in the skin of the penis, while another small percentage of penile cancer can develop from melanoma. The remaining cases of penile cancers develop from the blood vessels, smooth muscle and other connective tissues of the penis. The most common symptom of penile cancer is a tender spot or an open sore at the tip of the penis. If left untreated, it will spread slowly across the skin and invade deeper layers of tissue. Pain and bleeding may develop as the cancer continues to grow. Penile cancer can spread into the lymph nodes and through the lymphatic system, spreading to the groin and other parts of the body. If you feel like having symptoms of penile cancer, you should immediately discuss your doctor, so that if it is found then it could be cured at its early stage because if cancer exceeds its early stage and if it reaches its later stage then it becomes difficult to be cured.

edical tourism in India provides very good assistance to international patients for their safe and comfortable treatment in India. For past couple of years international patients from developed countries like the US, UK and Canada are frequently coming to India for quality medical treatment. Now day’s hospitals of cancer surgery in India are in boom due to the low cost and better medical healthcare facilities. There are a number of reasons for the international patients to travel to India for penile cancer surgery: Cost of Treatment, quality of care, quality of equipment & treatment facilities, quality of overall experience, prompt access to treatment, excellent doctors with international experience, modern hospitals with state of the art equipment, typical savings up to 60% of treatment cost, exciting environment, complete treatment packages etc. Indian hospitals are recording increasing number of international patients for penile cancer surgery in India .

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