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Mrs. Zang from Nigeria
Brain Cancer Surgery in India

Nigerian patient gets Complex Neuro Surgery in India at a premium hospital

Hi. I am Mrs. Zang from Nigeria. Recently my husband got his Complex Neuro Surgery in India. I had also accompanied my husband. We would like to thank Forerunners Healthcare Group for arranging my husband’s Complex Neuro Surgery in India at such a good hospital. We came to know about Forerunners Healthcare Group through a family friend. Then we also checked out their website which was very user-friendly. We sent them our query and got a call from one of the executives, the same evening. They asked for my husband’s medical reports and got them studied by Senior Neuro Surgeons. Soon all the arrangements were made and we came to India. At the airport a friendly driver received us. We are very happy with the services provided by Forerunners Healthcare Group.

The arrangement that was made for my husband and me were excellent. In fact it has exceeded our expectations. The doctors, surgeons, nurses, the entire hospital staff was very friendly and cooperative. My husband’s Complex Neuro Surgery in India was performed successfully by a team of highly practiced Neuro Surgeons. I think we made the right decision by choosing my husband’s Complex Neuro Surgery in India. Nowhere else in this world, we could have found such excellent services.

Thank you,

Mrs. Zang

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