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Ms. Lucy, Nigeria
Atrial Myxoma Surgery in India

Atrial Myxoma Surgery in India proved a life saving experience for a Nigerian patient

atrial myxoma surgery, left atrial myxoma surgery India, left atrial myxoma surgery Forerunners Healthcare group offer Atrial Myxoma Surgery in India proved a life saving experience for a Nigerian citizen. The medical facilities available for Atrial Myxoma Surgery in India are world class and of course no less than those found in the developed nations like US or UK. Recently, Miss. Lucy from Nigeria also visited and had her Atrial Myxoma Surgery in India. She shares her experience with us.

I am Lucy from Nigeria. Recently, I had my Atrial Myxoma Surgery in India. Heartfelt thanks to my medical consultant Forerunners Healthcare group, who arranged everything and made things possible in India.

It all started with shortness of breath with activity, breathing difficulty especially while lying flat, dizziness, fainting, and chest pain. I immediately consulted the doctor. The doctors asked me about my symptoms and difficulties I was facing. He checked my heart rhythm with his stethoscope. A "tumor plop", abnormal heart sounds were heard. These sounds changed when as I changed the positions. The doctor after the initial diagnosis did other tests like echocardiography and other procedures, including angiography, computed tomography (CT), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), and biopsy confirmed that I had Myxoma which occurred in the left atrium of my heart, usually beginning in the wall that divides the two upper chambers of the heart. The doctor then concluded that I urgently required Atrial Myxoma Surgery.

Was it normal to feel bad and horrible to know that you are suffering from a disease and that you need a surgery? I had so many feelings and so many thoughts running down my mind at one time. No clue what to do, no idea where to go. I was so weak mentally and physically to do the arrangements for the entire surgery all alone. But thanks to my cousin who readily agreed to help me when he heard that I needed Atrial Myxoma Surgery. He came as a huge support. But the biggest support was from Forerunners Healthcare consultancy from India that came as a guiding force and helped in my Atrial Myxoma Surgery in India. I was in need of urgent treatment and Forerunners Healthcare provided me with the best treatment plan. My Atrial Myxoma Surgery in India was fixed at countries best hospital under best surgeon without any delay. Great professionalism and top class service was provided by Forerunners Healthcare.

My brother accompanied me to India for my Atrial Myxoma Surgery. Visited my cardiac surgeon and discussed my case, was really relaxed following this conversation with him. Was pleased to see the ambient and good infrastructure of the hospital where I was treated. Soon the day dawned when I was supposed to get my Atrial Myxoma Surgery in India. The only treatment available for Atrial Myxoma is by surgical removal. The doctor made sure that all the cells of the tumour are removed since there are chances that the tumor may grow back. My left Atrial Myxoma was occupied by a 5x4x3 cm mass originating through a short pedicle from fossa ovalis. The tumor was resected together with its pedicle and the area of septum around the tumor base, followed by primary closure of the septal defect. Cardiac chambers were explored for any concurrent tumor. The stenotic obtuse marginalis artery was bypassed by a saphenous vein graft. The Atrial Myxoma tumor consisted of a gray-white round, gelatinous and mottled mass, which was slightly lobulated on the surface, with considerable hemorrhage upon incision. Microscopic examination of the resected mass showed scattered stellate cells with scant pink cytoplasm embedded in a loose myxoid matrix along with abundant red blood cells, consistent with Atrial Myxoma Surgery.

Following my Atrial Myxoma Surgery in India, I was admitted at the ICU for few days being 24x7 under observation and then was shifted to my initial room and after 5 days I was discharged and within next 2 days I was in Nigeria. After a couple of weeks I returned to my normal daily activities. At this point, I want to thank everyone including my medical consultant, and my surgeon who performed my Atrial Myxoma Surgery in India. May God bless them all!

Thank you,
Ms. Lucy

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