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Mr. Uchendu, Nigeria
Urethral Reconstruction

Urethral reconstruction is done in Chennai India by certified Urosurgeons

urethral reconstruction Chennai,low cost urethral reconstruction urethral reconstruction India Hi,
I am Uchendu from Nigeria. I came to Chennai India for my urethral reconstruction by Chennai Urosurgeons. I was suffering from urethral problem and the complete cost of urethral reconstruction was beyond my capacity but anyhow I had to undergo this surgery. I came across Forerunners Healthcare by referring low cost surgery on the net and I was well convinced by Dr.Dheeraj Bojwani and I was very convinced by reading the testimonials and blogs of patients who underwent urethral reconstruction surgery done buy Chennai Urosurgeons. Dr. Dheeraj Bojwani is such a lovely man. His services are fantastic and he made me feel really at ease.

He even provided his mobile number and personal email address in case I needed to discuss anything with him when I got home. He is really friendly and helpful and was always available during my stay. He was also very helpful and happy for me to contact him at any time if I needed anything. On arrival I was still not 100% sure whether I would go through with the urethral reconstruction in Chennai India by the Urosurgeons but after meeting with Dr Dheeraj Bojwani and for a consultation I had no doubt that I was safe in his hands. He explained every part of the procedure, even drawing pictures to help me understand. He made me feel like an old friend.

Thank you

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