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Mrs. Johnson - USA
Body Lift Surgery in India

Upper Body Lift Surgery in India comes at pocket friendly budget with state of art facilities

upper body lift surgery, upper body lift surgery India, upper body lift surgery video, upper body lift surgery video India Upper Body Lift Surgery in India is the most preferred procedures by international patients coming from all the direction of the world. The reasons are pretty obvious: since Body Lift is an extremely expensive form of plastic surgery which is generally not affordable in countries like US or UK. Hence, many international patients prefer to have their Upper Body Lift Surgery in India as here it is quiet cheaper in costs and come with same medical standard and facilities as practiced in developed nations. The clinics here delivering these treatments are places providing highest standards of surgical excellence and patient welfare and performed under the supervision of highly skilled Cosmetic Surgeons.

We at Forerunners Healthcare, have a tradition of serving international patient with hardcore professionalism and care, and this is the reason every year we get countless of international patients. Unlike these, Mrs. Johnson from America was here last month for her Upper Body Lift Surgery in India; she has shared her experiences with us, read more to know about her pleasant experiences of getting the surgery in India.

Hi there! My name is Mrs. Johnson, and I am from United States of America. Last month, I had my Upper Body Lift Surgery in India which was carried out the best way by my medical consultant - Forerunners Healthcare Group. I am obliged for the diligent and kind service from these noble men and made things possible. Since couple of months I had been struggling to find solutions for the additional number of scales of excess skin at the contours of the arms, middle back, chest and waist. When consulted for the same, I was advised to go with Upper Body Lift Surgery; however, the cost involved was too frustrating for me to go with. With such a plight I was often seen to live with embarrassment and anxiety. During this time, I meet a friend of mine who had similar procedure of Upper Body Lift Surgery in India¸ through one of the leading medical tourism company called Forerunners Healthcare Group. I searched the company over the internet and in just two clicks reached to the same. I studied very carefully about the kind of packages they offered in their website, read few of the testimonials as shared through videos, wherein I noticed lots of accolades for the company’s role in rendering medical services to countless international patients from various countries including America. Moreover, I tried to compare Upper Body Lift Surgery in India with other players, still found them pretty viable and affordable the packages they offered.

So I posed them my query for Upper Body Lift Surgery in India, and got a quick response from them, within a span of two days, I was given the right opinion from their panel of medical experts with package quiet less than the one I was quoted at my place. So I had no reason to reject this offer and hence applied for the visa and got things done as required and soon reached for my Upper Body Lift Surgery in India. The arrangements by the Forerunners Healthcare Group were simply outstanding. We were picked at the airport and taken straight to the hospital, which was nothing less than a hotel. After completing the initial documentation formality, I met the surgeon who was scheduled to perform my Upper Body Lift Surgery in India. He discussed his course of action for the rest of the days and made me comfortable by answering all the doubts and apprehensions of mine. During my Upper Body Lift Surgery in India, my surgeon started with making an incision that completely ran in the crease under the breasts. This allowed the plastic surgeon to trim away the redundant skin and tighten remaining skin by pulling it towards the incision. Excess flaps and rolls of skin were cut away from the upper back and over the rib cage, and then underlying tissue is lifted. The breasts were elevated and are placed into a more desirable position. For the arm lift or brachioplasty, an incision on either the inner or the back portion of the arm was required, extending from the armpit to the elbow. Extra skin was then removed from this region as well, and underlying tissue is firmed and lifted. This step of upper body lift surgery eliminates drooping skin along the upper arms, sometimes referred to as 'bat wings'. In this my Upper Body Lift Surgery in India was carried out the best way as possible with all care and professionalism.

Just 3 days after my Upper Body Lift Surgery in India, I fell so fit and fine and looking the way I always wanted. Lastly, let me thank all of them who helped me out from the extra skins and tissues and gave me the look I always wanted. Certainly, my medical consultant- Forerunners Healthcare Groups deserves all applauds for working out a successful treatment through one of the best medical team. I would indeed recommend them and the Upper Body Lift Surgery in India.

Thank you,
Mrs. Johnson

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