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Mrs. Babarinde, Nigeria
Total Knee Replacement Surgery India

Total Knee Replacement Surgery in India - Offers a full complement of knee treatment services to International Patients combined with post-discharge recuperative holidays in consultation with medical personnel

total knee replacement surgery India, total knee replacement surgery, total knee replacement Total Knee Replacement Surgery in India has become available for international patients coming from all the nook and corner of the world who are suffering from knee problems. Such medical treatments in India get a good response for various known reasons like the presence of competent medical infrastructure with state of art facilities and high skilled medical team along with low cost factor. We at Forerunners Healthcare Consultancy are offering Total Knee Replacement Surgery in India and other medical treatments to countless international patients. They take away unforgettable memories with them. Unlike others, Mrs. Babarinde from Nigeria also visited and hadher Total Knee Replacement Surgery in India. She shares her experience of getting her treatment in India with us.

Hi, I am Mrs. Babarinde, I am from Nigeria. The Total Knee Replacement Surgery in India offers a full complement of knee treatment services to international patients not only at best affordable packages but also provides post discharge recuperative holidays in consultation with medical personnel. Thus you have the opportunity to get rid of your medical ailment amidst the mesmerizing atmosphere of the beautiful nature in India. Also, the quality of these medical services are considered to be the best and catered the way the patients get in developed nations. I was literally dancing after a couple of days having my Total Knee Replacement Surgery in India at best orthopedic hospitals. The past couple of months have been horrific for me as my health was in a bad state; when I walked more than 20 minutes and stood for a longer time, my right knee started to ache. Soon I consulted a knee specialist; I was diagnosed with a problem in my right knee. Doctor gave me pain medicine. But I was afraid of the side effect of taking too many pain pills. I wasn’t doing anything at all but it felt like my body was aligning itself automatically. I also have noticed an increase in my energy level and an improvement in my digestion. Over the next few months I plan on making use of the spare time searching for a better option than the existing one, though I wasn’t getting. We prayed to God for strength and recovery. God answered our prayers in a short time. He sent His angel in a form of Forerunners Healthcare Group - a Medical consultant from India

Forerunners Healthcare are into Medical Tourism; they helped me to plan my visit for my Total Knee Replacement Surgery in India. I shared my medical reports, and after having a lengthy discussion with them I was in India. Thanks to them, I didn’t have to put myself into the hassles of doing things on my own, and moreover, being an alien in this place it is certainly difficult to do things completely on your own ability. I was amazed by the kind of facilities available for the various treatments required by the foreign patients. I was totally cornered to see some of the best orthopedic hospitals in India with such a high standard. In India, we got a very good treatment, right from the surgeon to his staff and above all the Forerunners guys were always there for me at one call. The first thing we did was that we meet the surgeon and the meeting helped me to calm down and get positive energy which helped me in my coming days during my Total Knee Replacement Surgery in India.

Soon the day dawned for my Total Knee Replacement Surgery in India. The Total Knee Replacement Surgery involves exposure of the front of the knee, with detachment of part of the quadriceps muscle (vastus medialis) from the patella. The patella is displaced to one side of the joint allowing exposure of the distal end of the femur and the proximal end of the tibia. The ends of these bones are then accurately cut to shape using cutting guides oriented to the long axis of the bones. The cartilages and the anterior cruciate ligament are removed; the posterior cruciate ligament may also be removed but the tibial and fibular collateral ligaments are preserved. Metal components are then impacted onto the bone or fixed using polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) cement. A round ended implant is used for the femur, mimicking the natural shape of the bone. On the tibia the component is flat, although it often has a stem which goes down inside the bone for further stability. A flattened or slightly dished high density polyethylene surface is then inserted onto the tibial component so that the weight is transferred metal to plastic not metal to metal. During the Total Knee Replacement Surgery any deformities must be corrected, and the ligaments balanced so that the knee has a good range of movement and is stable. In some cases the articular surface of the patella is also removed and replaced by a polyethylene button cemented to the posterior surface of the patella. In other cases, the patella is replaced unaltered.

My Total Knee Replacement Surgery required three hours of operative time. After surgery, I was taken to the recovery room, where vital organs were frequently monitored. When stabilized, I returned to the room where my husband was staying in the hospital. Passage of urine was seen difficult in the immediate postoperative period, and this condition was aggravated by pain medications. A catheter inserted into the urethra (a Foley catheter) allowed free passage of urine until the patient becomes more mobile. My doctor suggested some physical therapy which according to him was extremely important part of rehabilitation and required my full participation by the patient for optimal outcome. I began my physical therapy 48 hours after Total Knee Replacement Surgery in India. Some degree of pain, discomfort, and stiffness was expected during the early days of physical therapy. Knee immobilizers were used in order to stabilize the knee while undergoing physical therapy, walking, and sleeping.

At the end I would like to thank everyone who helped me to carry out my Total Knee Replacement Surgery in India, right from the doctors to the nurses, to the staff and above all the executives of Forerunners Healthcare Group. I am certainly taking a good impression back to my country and I am sure I will recommend my friends and relatives to consider Total Knee Replacement Surgery in India for carrying out their knee arthroplasty in some of its best orthopedic hospitals. May God bless all of you all.

Thank you
Mrs. Babarinde

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