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Vitrectomy Surgery in India for Muhammad Alkali from Nigeria.

I am Mohammad Alkali from Nigeria. I came for my Vitrectomy surgery in India through Forerunners Healthcare Consultants. I faced a lot of problem due to this. I was living like a blind person. Every thing for me was hazy. I was having broken images in my sight. I was not able to read and right. I was not able to go anywhere. Then when I was not able to bear it more. I decided to undergo surgery for this. Then I consulted my GP about this.

He told me to go for Vitrectomy surgery. But, he also told me that it was not available in Nigeria, due to the lack of good medical infrastructure. And I am not so rich to afford the surgery in UK or US.

Then my wife started researching on the internet and we found Forerunners Healthcare Consultants in India who helped us to get the Vitrectomy surgery in India with the best medical facilities in India and at a very much reasonable cost. When we first contacted the company , I was not that sure about going with them for my surgery. I had a brief discussion with Dr Bojwani regarding my surgery, and that made me change my mind. Dr. Bojwani explained me each and everything. I completed all the formalities for my surgery and got my Vitrectomy surgery in India arranged in India. In India I received the best medical facilities and treatment.

I am very happy with the treatment I received in India. I am very happy with the best quality of services I received through them for my Vitrectomy surgery in India.

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