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Mrs. Jones from Uganda who came for her spinal fusion surgery in India through Forerunners Healthcare

“I had experienced chronic low back pain for many years, but about a year ago I was further injured while lifting weight I had no business lifting. I have always been very active, independent, and lead a very busy life with my job, and raising two grandchildren. After the lifting injury, I had several episodes of severely painful days, which had very limited response to PT and injections. The response was very short lived and the condition deteriorated with each passing day. My legs became increasingly weak and painful and the low back pain was horrific.

I had numerous tests, injections in the spine, a disco gram, and visits to doctors near my hometown. I was told I would require fusions to correct the situation. The injections did not relieve the pain at all. My investigation of fusions and alternatives led me to Dheeraj Bojwani web site. That was the best discovery I have ever made. The web site is very informative. All of the investigation I did on fusion made me strongly desire to find some other alternative for sure. I sent my reports and films to Dr. Dheeraj Bojwani and he recommended a three level LED/TA. By that time I was barely able to navigate using a walker, and could not accept that this would have to be permanent way of life. I made the trip to India. I had surgery and was able to walk out to the car following my hour and a half in recovery. As you can imagine, I was so thrilled. I would hardly believe what had happened. The leg weakness and pain was the first to go away, and I was so thrilled to put the walker up and out of sight. My recovery went very well considering the number of levels that had to be worked on. It has now been almost two months since surgery, and I am pretty much back to normal. This was the best decision I have ever made, and if I have any other disc herniations, I will be looking for Dr. Dheeraj Bojwani, so he can again perform his miracles. He is a wonderful person, has a wonderful staff, and the staff at the surgery center were great too. I am so grateful that Dr. Dheeraj Bojwani has set up the web site as he has. My outcome would not have been so successful if the fusions had been performed instead.

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