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Sarah Who Underwent Duodenal Switch Surgery In India

I am Sarah from USA I came for my Duodenal switch surgery in India through Forerunners Healthcare Consultants. I had my surgery in the best hospitals India associated with Forerunners Healthcare Consultants, it was a pleasant experience. Company made sure that I was put through to the right places at the hospital, to see the right people, at the right medical appointments time. The surgery doctors who took care of me were professional, considerate and proud of their work. The patient nursing care staff was very kind and we became very friendly even though I was only in the hospital for an overnight stay. The hospital administration staff was very helpful. The whole of the surgery treatment process at the hospital in India went very well and I felt very happy and comfortable with my surgeon and the surgery team. My private single room at the hospital in India was spacious, there was a provision for comfortable sofa-cum-bed for my sister staying with me and we enjoyed the beautiful view of the lake from the windows of our room. English News Paper and Magazines were delivered in our room and many popular International English channels were available on the television, we were also provided with a DVD player and a collection of English movies. The hospital had a modern international communications lounge with free internet surfing facility, public phones to dial international calls, convenience store for shopping essentials. The restaurant at the hospital was very clean with hygienic practices; the food was good, thank you for finding some thing for me to eat. I have definitely been blessed in India. I went to India to have Surgery and the doctors and staff there are some of the most caring people I've ever been around. The doctors there are great, each doctor I've seen there was very supportive and kind to me. Some of the medical tests I had to have done before surgery were very scary, but focusing on all the comfort and compassion shown by the doctors the tests were a lot easier. I have a fear of hospitals but in India it doesn't seem like a hospital. They treat you like family. They are always there before you need them. Most of the people were very helpful to me before and after surgery.Medical tourism of India are dedicated to making your medical travel vacation for Duodenal switch surgery in India as pleasant, comfortable, safe, and affordable as possible

I was called so many vicious names by so many people and worse you think some critique online is going to make me upset? I never feel envious of other peopleā€¦ You kind of get over that after always being picked last for teams in high school and never having any girls want to be more then a friend. I always had to be that much better then all my competition for almost anything because of my weight. Society is pretty hardcore on the overweight and I probably had it easy being a male. Overweight females really get it bad from our society. You learn to pull your weight (no pun intended) and then some. So I think those can be the upsides of being handicapped for years and years by being massively overweight. Not that I would recommend it but looking back I really feel like it helped me see the world in different shoes. The bottom line is that if you can steel yourself to the prospect of a long, long airplane flight, you're not only going to get an excellent health care, but you're going to save a lot of money on your health care costs. You'll also rub elbows with the friendly people of India. FORERUNNERS HEALTHCARE PVT LTD made possible my Duodenal switch surgery in India.

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