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Surjit Singh’s Minimal Invasive spine surgery India

I wasn’t surprised when I started to develop pain in my back and my legs. Each year my pain grew worse, impacting my work and the ability to compete at the highest level. It was also getting in the way of my quality of life, preventing me from doing the things that I love to do with my family and friends. It was becoming increasingly difficult for me to participate in simple everyday activities like walking, biking and exercising. I didn't want to live like that!

There were many different treatment options and facilities that offered to help me, ranging from standard physical therapy and rehabilitation to traditional open back surgery, but none of those services offered the recovery time I was looking for - something that would get me back out on the course quickly!

After months of research, a friend told me about Dr. Dheeraj Bojwani’s team of spine surgeons in India is having a technique that he has developed for providing the minimal invasive spine surgery in India that reduce recovery time and enable you to be treated in an outpatient setting without the use of general anesthesia. I contacted with the staff and within days scheduled my minimal invasive spine surgery in India.

To this day I can’t believe how short my recovery time was and now I am back to my original lifestyle doing all the things that I love to do. I am able to have fun with my children and play with them. For me after my minimal invasive spine surgery in India back pain and spine problems is in history.

Thanks to the fantastic staff of Dr. Dheeraj Bojwani who helped get me back on my life and enjoying with my family.

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