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Martin’s hair transplant Surgery in India

I am Martin Holland from UK. I got my hair transplant in India done through Forerunners Healthcare Consultants. I actually came to Goa for a vacation. I never had thought of getting hair transplant surgery; besides my hairs were very much less. One day sitting on a beach my Indian friend told me about low cost hair transplant surgery in India. And he knew about Forerunners Healthcare Consultants offering the hair transplant surgery at easily affordable price. And getting hair transplant done in UK is a big harm for ones pocket.

I gave my details to company through their website. I got a real fast replay from the company with the quotes and the rest details about the hair transplant surgery in India. And believe me the charge that I was quoted for my hair transplant surgery in India was very much reasonable and pocket friendly that any normal person can easily afford it.

I got my hair transplant surgery in India arranged. I actually didn’t do anything for the arrangement for my surgery. Everything was arranged for my hair transplant surgery in India. In the hospital I met Dr. Dheeraj Bojwani the head consultant of Forerunners Healthcare Consultants; I had a brief discussion with Dr Dheeraj Bojwani and the surgeon who was supposed to operate me. I got all the details regarding my hair I transplant surgery in India.

I am very much happy with the result after my hair transplant surgery in India. It is a great surprise for my family and friends back there in UK. I got the excellent treatment from Dr. Dheeraj Bojwani and his team. And without any second thought I rate the services by Forerunners Healthcare Consultants as excellent for my hair transplant surgery. I do not want to miss my point here when it come to recommending Forerunners Healthcare Consultants. You can say that Forerunners Healthcare Consultants has got a new representative for recommending their services for hair transplant surgery in India.

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