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Linda Pears who underwent sterilization reversal surgery in India.

I am Linda Pears from UK. I came fore my Sterilization Reversal surgery through Forerunners Healthcare Consultants. On the day of my first daughter Lynn’s birth, I had my tubes tied by my longstanding obstetrician. I was 30 and my Husband was 32 when we decided this and thought it was the right choice considering our very meager financial situation. After the procedure was complete, however, I immediately felt different and knew it was something we should have not done.

I continued to push aside the longing to have another child for nearly 2 years until I could no longer endure the agony on my own. I bared my soul to my husband, who was at first very apprehensive about the issue, but after some thought and consideration, was truly supportive and wonderfully understanding.

I did some research on the reversal of a sterilization, which I wasn’t even sure was possible. I found many different web sites trying to recruit people in small clinics all around the United States.

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