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Ignatous Ayigba who underwent fibro sarcoma spine tumor surgery in India

I am Ignatous Ayigba from Nigeria; I came for my fibro sarcoma spine tumor surgery in India through Forerunners Healthcare Consultants. I have been suffering a lot due to this in my life. I was not able to do any thing due to the increasing pain in my back. When I went to my physician to know why I am getting this pain, then I came to know that I am having tumor in my back. I was not even able to sit because of this. I went to see the spine surgeon in Nigeria. But due to the lack of medical infrastructure in Nigeria I was not able to get the spine tumor surgery in India.

It was not able to afford the fibro sarcoma spine tumor surgery in UK or USA. I went through the internet and searched for low cost surgery in India. I came across Forerunners Healthcare Consultants. I gave them all my details about my surgery with couple of call here and there with a brief discussion about my fibro sarcoma Spine tumor surgery in India.

I got my surgery arranged by Forerunners Healthcare Consultants. I just got my baggage and took the first flight for India. Everything was arranged I had nothing to do for my spine tumor surgery in India. I got the best medical facilities, compared to my native country. The hospital was wonderful and I got the best care in the hospital. The staff of the Hospital was very caring and friendly. The surgeon was very nice. In short I got the best possible medical treatment and facilities from Forerunners Healthcare Consultants.

I want to thanks Dr. Dheeraj Bojwani and the whole team of Forerunners Healthcare Consultants for their wonderful help and support for my Fibro sarcoma spine tumor surgery in India. I am very happy with the result of the surgery and the main thing is that now I do not experience any kind of problem in sitting standing or doing any thing else; I don’t experience any pain in my back. Forerunners Healthcare Consultants has helped me to get my life back.

May god bless them and all my best wishes with Forerunners Healthcare Consultants and Dr. Dheeraj Bojwani.

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