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Testimonial of Ovarian Drilling Surgery at Bangalore in India

This is a testimonial of a Canadian patient, Julia who got her ovarian drilling surgery at Bangalore in India. She says “I cannot thank Dr. Bojwani and Forerunners Healthcare Consultants enough, he has changed my life and made me completely happy.. I wanted to have the ovarian drilling surgery for a long time but I wanted to be sure of the surgeon as I did not want anything to go wrong. I was not responding to weight loss and fertility medication, so I was recommended ovarian drilling with PCOS. Partial ovarian destruction has been reported to restore regular ovulation cycles. It is only by chance that I came to know that Dr. Bojwani has wonderful reputation for ovarian drilling surgery at Bangalore in India. After being rather nervous about having surgery, especially in a foreign country, all the staff at the hospital made me feels very confident and calm. The hotel was immaculate and all the staff was so friendly and professional, going out of their way to make sure my stay was comfortable and that I understood all of the procedure and what was going on. I am thrilled with the results, I am so happy that I went ahead for ovarian drilling surgery at Bangalore in India. I would definitely recommend your healthcare group, not only did I get the surgery I have always wanted, but I also had a very pleasant stay and got to meet some lovely people. I was very impressed with Dr. Bojwani’s efficiency during ovarian drilling surgery at Bangalore in India, he arranged everything for me all I had to do was get on a plan!!! so all in all it was definitely a worthwhile trip!!! There are no words to express my thoughts and to thank you for what you have done for me !. "You have helped me by giving me the dignity and assurance which I would never have had without your talent." Since I have had this operation my life has changed completely.

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