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Ms. Helen - Nigeria
Stroke Rehabilitation Program in India

Stroke Rehabilitation Management in India – Success Story shared by Patient’s Sister

stroke rehabilitation management, stroke rehabilitation management Nigeria, stroke management The Stroke Rehabilitation Management in India has become synonymous to excellent recovery through word class medical professionals. India has emerged to be the most preferred medical destination by foreign patients. The high quality medical services at minimal cost are the prime reason for this paradigm shift. Global patients come for Stroke Rehabilitation Management in India for the most dedicated team of health care experts, which creates lifestyle modification, programs that includes best of the exercises, nutrition and stress management counseling programs.

Forerunners Healthcare Group is pioneer group in medical tourism industry, and has been instrumental in managing and carrying out countless medical treatments and surgeries. We deliver medical services to international patients as per their requirements and criteria. Just lately, Ms. Helen from Nigeria was here for her Stroke Rehabilitation Management in India; her who carried her here has shared her experiences of getting the said treatment, just read to know more about it!

Hello, I am Ms. Helen’s sister. Recently, I was here for my sister’s program for Stroke Rehabilitation Management in India. I am glad that she is free from her heart issues which had been troubling her lately. This entire program was very well managed by our medical team Forerunners Healthcare Group through the most effective way. Indeed they came as an angel to us, otherwise, I remember how messed up my sister’s life was after her stroke. It just wrecked havoc the most, though wasn’t that serious as it goes. However, still required a better Stroke Rehabilitation Management, which was the only way to get her life back to the track. An effective Stroke Rehabilitation Management requires a good pool of medical professionals with the right kind of expertise; however, it’s difficult to find such course of action back in Nigeria. So I wasn’t seen wasting my time finding such place at my home town. Moreover, my sister needed an immediate medical attention; I realized that I have to find an option abroad. Luckily, a friend of mine is a physician, I called him up for this help, he cited out some examples of his patients going to India for various medical treatments and surgeries, and they all had been through the medical consultant called - Forerunners Healthcare Group.

I checked the website of the above said medical consultant and checked their packages for Stroke Rehabilitation Management in India. I also read the testimonials of Nigerian patients; they had good experience there while getting their desired medical treatment in India. Moreover, the group had a long list of good doctors, physicians and other medical professionals, good and reputed heart institutes and medical centres catering high quality Stroke Rehabilitation Management in India. So, things got crystal clear after spending some time over their website and reading about the company profile and their services. My next step was to call them up and discuss the idea of having my sister’s Stroke Rehabilitation Management in India. When I called them up, the response was very good, they seemed through professional people. Within 48 hours, I was given the right diagnosis as given by the leading cardiac team along with tailor made package for Stroke Rehabilitation Management in India. Cost wasn’t my concern; my only worry was to get a good service, which seemed at the package quoted by the Forerunners Healthcare Group. I therefore gave my consent, and it proved wise as we went ahead and opted the treatment.

Soon after my consent, all the arrangements pertaining to my sister’s Stroke Rehabilitation Management in India commenced. We soon got the visa for Nagpur and thus were seen flying for the same the very next week. I couldn’t really believe the way and the pace things moved on for us. Anyway, when we reached Delhi airport, we were received by an executive of Forerunners Healthcare Group, who took us away to the hospital and admitted my sister without any delay. The arrangements done for my sister’s Stroke Rehabilitation Management in India were really path breaking. Met the doctor’s team at the hospital, they seemed skilled people with good experience, whereas the hospital too was a good place. Seeing such a good arrangements done, I got assured that I am at the right place for my sister’s Stroke Rehabilitation Management Program. To treat my sister, physical therapy (PT) and occupational therapy (OT), speech-language pathology (SLP) are seen as the cornerstones of the rehabilitation process. The PT focused on the joint range of motion and strengthens by performing exercises and re-learning functional tasks such as bed mobility, transferring, walking and other gross motor functions. Physiotherapists were also seen working with my sister to improve awareness and use of the hemiplegic side. Rehabilitation involved working on the ability to produce strong movements or the ability to perform tasks using normal patterns. Emphasis is often concentrated on functional tasks and patient’s goals. The OT involved in training to help relearn everyday activities known as the Activities of daily living (ADLs) such as eating, drinking, dressing, bathing, cooking, reading and writing, and toileting. Speech and language therapy is appropriate for patients with the speech production disorders: dysarthria and apraxia of speech, aphasia, cognitive-communication impairments and/or dysphagia (problems with swallowing). In this way within the set time line my sister’s Stroke Rehabilitation Management in India concluded with great success.

I really owe to our medical consultant - Forerunners Healthcare Group for carrying out the most effective Stroke Rehabilitation Management in India. I thank them with all my heart for accomplishing our job with perfection and professionalism. With such a great experience, I can recommend my friends and relatives to carry out any medical treatment in India and that too through Forerunners Healthcare Group only.

Thank you,
Mrs. Eunice Sister of Helen

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