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Mr. Victor, Kenya

Private Healthcare by Best Urosurgeons at Hospital of Bangalore in India

“Hi, I am Victor from Kenya. I have been exposed to a number of health care experiences, but I have never before experienced the quality of care that I received by Forerunners Healthcare through its international quality and cheap cost private healthcare by the best urosurgeon at a hospital of Bangalore in India. Finding a medical facility that has the experience, knowledge and state-of-the-art technology to provide the best diagnosis at a low cost is a key factor in your survival and quality of survival. One day I came in contact with Forerunnershealthcare Consultants through the Internet.

I was very happy after watching the video testimonial and patient experience on their websites. I sent an email to Dr. Dheeraj Bojwani from Forerunners Healthcare, regarding my urosurgery as was having severe urology disorders. After 2 days Dr. Bojwani surgery fixed me a medical appointment from one of his best urosurgeons at a hospital of Bangalore in India. From the first phone call from him to arrange my first visit, to the final wave when I left, I was treated with great care and affection by Forerunners Healthcare and its medical staff. I want to also thank everyone at the hospital very much for making my urosurgery very easy. My Urosurgery was performed very well. India has now acquired the latest “medical state-of-the-art technology” and has developed a remarkable new diagnostic program for foreign patients. Indian doctors had a very excellent English and it helped me a lot. When I was in India with fro my surgery by the best urosurgeon at a hospital of Bangalore in India, they performed very well during my two stages of surgery. I have taken several brochures of Forerunnershealthcare and have already given a couple of them to my friends recommending it for getting a less cost and qualitative medical treatment in India because it provided me speedy recovery through one of its best urosurgeons at a hospital of Bangalore in India.”


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