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Ovarian Cancer Treatment and Surgery in India

Plan your Ovarian Cancer Treatment and Surgery in India with Forerunners Healthcare Consultants

Ovarian Cancer is the cancer of ovaries, a reproductive organ in a women’s body. Dealing with cancer can be emotionally as well as physically draining and early recovery is the biggest prayer. Forerunners Healthcare Consultants teams with the best surgeons and hospitals and does not compromise with the quality of healthcare extended. All you have to do is send us a query and sit back and relax.

How things function at Forerunners Healthcare Consultants?

  1. Speicalized panel : Forerunners Healthcare Consultants have an association with highly-efficient surgeons and doctors, a prerequisite in treating any medical condition.
  2. Principal care : We offer assistance in arranging medical visa, accommodation for the patient and family, meals, appointment with surgeon.
  3. Budget-friendly : Financial aspects affect medical treatments in a huge way, and our budget friendly packages won't burn a hole in your pocket.
  4. Professionalism : Ovarian Cancer Treatment in India through the Forerunners Healthcare Consultants ensures the utmost care in maintaining quality and ethics while serving a patient. Our other services : We also take care of quick visa letters, health diet as advised by your attending surgeon, to and fro airport travel, vacation tour, etc.

International Patient Experience

Robinson's mothers
Ovarian cancer surgery in India

My name is Robinson, from Nigeria. My mother was suffering from Ovarian Cancer since last 2 years. Due to lack of healthcare in Nigeria, I looked for help abroad and found Forerunners Healthcare Consultants. After exchanging information and queries, we reached India for her surgery. The doctors were best in class and the surgery was successful. I sincerely thank the Forerunners team.

What is Ovarian Cancer?

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Ovarian cancer is cancer that develops in the ovaries. The ovaries are part of a woman's reproductive system. They are located in the pelvis on either side of the uterus. Each ovary is about the size of an almond. The ovaries make the female hormones progesterone and estrogen and also release eggs into the fallopian tubes.

What are the Types of Ovarian Cancer?

Epithelial ovarian cancer - Within epithelial ovarian cancer, there are six subtypes. Each is derived from a different type of tissue in the lower genital tract or Mullerian tract. However, within invasive cancers, there is not a great deal of difference in prognosis for the first three and the distinction is mainly a pathological one.

What are the Causes of Ovarian Cancer?

The cause of ovarian cancer is not known.

What are Risk Factors related to Ovarian Cancer?

What are the Signs and Symptoms of Ovarian Cancer?

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Research suggests there are four symptoms that may be associated with ovarian cancer:

Other symptoms may include:

Nausea, indigestion, increased gas, constipation or diarrhea, lack of appetite

How to do Screening and Diagnosis of Ovarian Cancer? :

While no early detection tool exists for all women, several tests exist for women who are at a high risk. If a woman has ovarian cancer symptoms, a strong family history, or a genetic predisposition such as a BRCA mutation, doctors may monitor her with one of three tests or a combination of them:

Blood Test - A CA-125 blood test is not considered a good screening test for ovarian cancer. However, it may be done if a woman: has symptoms of ovarian cancer or has already been diagnosed with ovarian cancer to determine how well treatment is working

Transvaginal Ultrasound - A transvaginal ultrasound is a test used to examine a woman’s reproductive organs and bladder.

Pelvic Exam - A pelvic exam should be a part of a woman’s regular female health exam. A pelvic examination may reveal an ovarian or abdominal mass. Ovarian cancer is rarely detected in a pelvic exam and usually it is detected if it is in an advanced stage.

The above tests are most effective when used in combination with each other. Doctors may also use a CT scan or PET scan as part of the diagnostic process, however the only definitive way to determine if a patient has ovarian cancer is through surgery and biopsy. No lab or imaging test has ever been shown to be able to diagnose ovarian cancer in its early stages.

What are various Stages of Ovarian Cancer?

There are four stages of ovarian cancer. Your doctor will determine your stage of ovarian cancer. Ovarian cancer is treated differently depending on which stage you are diagnosed with.

Stage I

The cancer is completely contained within the ovary or ovaries

Stage IA- One ovary involved
Stage IB- Both ovaries involved
Stage IC- One or both ovaries involved, but with cancer on the surface of an ovary, rupture of an ovarian cyst malignant ascites or positive abdominal washings.

Stage II

The cancer is in one or both of the ovaries and has spread to additional organs located in the pelvis, such as the bladder, colon, rectum or uterus.

Stage IIA - Spread to the uterus or fallopian tubes
Stage IIB - Spread to pelvic peritoneum
Stage IIC - Confined to the pelvis, but with malignant ascites or positive abdominal washings

Stage III

The cancer is in one or both ovaries and has spread to one or both of the following: the lining of the abdomen or the lymph nodes.

Stage IIIA - Microscopic spread to the upper abdomen
Stage IIIB - Cancer nodules less than 2 cm in the abdomen
Stage IIIC - Nodules more than 2 cm, or positive pelvic or aortic lymph nodes

Stage IV

The most advanced stage of cancer. The cancer has spread from one or both ovaries to additional organs such as the liver or lungs, or there may be cancer cells in the fluid surrounding the lungs.

What are the Treatments to cure Ovarian Cancer?

Ovarian cancer treatment will depend on a number of factors, including the stage of ovarian cancer and the general health of the patient. The treatment of Ovarian Cancer includes;

Following are some examples of Ovarian Cancer Surgery:

For advanced ovarian cancer, you may have radiotherapy to try to shrink tumours and reduce symptoms. You can have the treatment to any part of the body where the cancer is causing problems. You might hear this called palliative radiotherapy.

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Chemotherapy for Ovarian Cancer - Chemotherapy uses anti-cancer or 'cytotoxic' drugs to destroy cancer cells. You are most likely to be offered chemotherapy after your surgery if your cancer is Stage 1C or higher. But you may have it if you have an earlier stage cancer that your doctor thinks may be faster growing (high grade). You can also have chemotherapy for ovarian cancer that has come back after you were first treated. You are most likely to have chemotherapy drugs for ovarian cancer as injections through a vein into your bloodstream. Some research has looked at giving chemotherapy into the abdomen. This is known as intraperitoneal chemotherapy.

What Follow-Up Care to be taken Post Ovarian Cancer Surgery?

Continuous follow-up is essential for all ovarian cancer patients. This includes patients whose disease is in remission after treatment. Although most women who develop a recurrence do so within the first 2 years after treatment, ovarian cancer can reappear up to 20 years later.

After surgery and during chemotherapy, ovarian cancer patients may be monitored with CA125 tests. Rising levels of this protein indicate a recurrence and the need for more therapy. In addition, many doctors routinely perform “second-look” surgery after a six- or 12-month course of chemotherapy. This procedure involves opening the abdomen and taking tissue samples in a search for cancer cells. If additional cancer cells are found, chemotherapy is repeated. “Second-look” surgery is somewhat controversial because additional cancer is often found or the cancer recurs. Opponents of a “second look” advocate continuing chemotherapy instead of subjecting patients to more surgery. Your doctor may also ask for a computed tomography (CT) scan of your chest, abdomen, and pelvic area and a chest x-ray.

What are the Benefits of Ovarian Cancer Treatment and Surgery?

Treatment can be given for different reasons and the potential benefits will vary depending upon your individual situation. In people with early-stage ovarian cancer, surgery is often done with the aim of curing the cancer. You may also be given additional treatments to reduce the risk of it coming back. If the cancer is at a more advanced stage, the treatment may be able to control it, improving symptoms and quality of life.

Following surgery, some patients may benefit from additional treatment with chemotherapy to further decrease the risk of cancer recurrence. Chemotherapy may be beneficial in some women with low-risk stage I ovarian cancer; however, because surgery cures more than 90 percent of patients, it is difficult to demonstrate additional benefit from chemotherapy treatment for all patients.

Recent studies have resulted in recommendations that certain women will benefit from a combination of intravenous and intraperitoneal chemotherapy. A thorough discussion with your physician regarding this type of chemotherapy should include benefit versus risk, as well as side effects. Although side effects can be unpleasant, for most patients the benefits of treatment usually far outweigh the risks and discomforts. It is important to keep in mind that most patients receiving chemotherapy are able to enjoy an active and good quality of life.

Why travel to India for Ovarian Cancer Treatment and Surgery?

Private, state-of-the-art hospitals in India create a setting with many benefits for your ovarian cancer treatment, not only providing a ground-breaking approach to ovarian cancer treatment, but also including access to medical technology and diagnostic tools not readily available in less advanced treatment centers. The program of treatment will begin with an assessment by a multidisciplinary medical team. Indian doctors work with you to establish the parameters of your current medical condition and determine your course of treatment. Health care professionals in Indian Hospitals develop a personalized treatment plan tailored to your unique needs and diagnosis.

Ovarian cancer hospitals in India specialize in advanced, minimally invasive techniques that fight cancer while supporting your quality of life, both during and after treatment. Throughout your ovarian cancer treatment, Indian doctors use supportive therapies, like nutrition therapy and oncology rehabilitation, to help preserve more of your quality of life and reduce treatment-related side effects.

Cities in India that offers Lung Cancer Surgery under the supervision of best surgeons, doctors and hospitals are as follows;

Mumbai Hyderabad Kerala
Delhi Pune Goa
Bangalore Nagpur Jaipur
Chennai Gurgaon Chandigarh

What is the Cost of Ovarian Cancer Treatment and Surgery in India?

India provides the same quality of medical care with similar technological solutions and a cost saving of over 50%. India leads the list of medical tourism destinations. The medical and health services range from executive health packages to the complicated treatments like ovarian cancer surgery. Medical travelers come to low cost cheap medical tourism hub like India from Western nations to take advantage of the low cost of medical procedures, which are 40 to 80 percent lower in comparison to healthcare costs in their home countries. A cost comparison of various medical treatments can give you the exact idea about the difference:>

Medical Treatment Procedure Cost (US$)
United States India
Radiation Therapy 15,000 3,000
Chemotherapy 22,000 4,000
Radical Hysterectomy 20,000 5,000

Some of the common countries from which patients travel to India for surgery are:

USA UK Canada
Australia Zealand Nigeria
Kenya Ethiopia Uganda
Tanzania Zambia Congo
Lanka Bangladesh Pakistan
Afghanistan Nepal Uzbekhistan

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