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Mr. Uche, Nigeria
Shoulder Surgery

Nigeria native praises Indian doctors after his shoulder replacement at Goa in India

A Nigerian native Mr. Uche praised Indian doctors after his shoulder replacement at Goa in India. Dr. Dheeraj Bojwani and his team of Forerunners Healthcare provided the best facilities for shoulder replacement at Goa in India taken by Uche a native of Nigeria. Uche says “ When I got an injury in my shoulder I often suffered from pain and I got a medical X-ray from my local doctor I had a fracture in my shoulder joint of the right arm. Now when the doctor told me to get a shoulder replacement then I didn’t know what to do as the cost of shoulder replacement was very high in western countries and I had no proper medical facility for getting surgery in my own country.

I asked my local doctor and he told me the name of Forerunners Healthcare.I made a call to Dr. Dheeraj Bojwani and he was very active and caring concerning helping his patients. He send me 2 emails the first one contained the details of cost, procedure and recovery period of shoulder replacement and the second email contained the details of the doctor who provided the procedure of shoulder replacement. After looking at all the details sent to me by Dr. Dheeraj Bojwani I was convinced and he told me to come for getting shoulder replacement at Goa in India. I was in a better position now as I was being offered cost reduction in India. When I came to India I was taken by the members of Forerunners Healthcare to the hospital. A well furnished room was allotted to me for medical lodging purpose and the surgery. The medical staff of the Indian hospital was indeed very hardworking and attentive to the patients. The most important thing that I liked during my shoulder replacement at Goa in India was the warm and cordial care provided to me by Forerunners Healthcare. The members of this healthcare group asked me after every hour if I needed something. The operation theatre were I was treated was one of the best having all the surgical equipments. The effective medications provided to me by Indian surgeons helped to heal up my fracture quickly. Thank you Forerunners Healthcare to guide me in an efficient way.”


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