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Shelly Klassy Claifornia USA
Gastric bypass surgery in India

Gastric bypass surgery in New Delhi, India, The latest fad among international patients

Gastric bypass surgery in New Delhi, India is the latest fad among international patients, not only because of the low cost but also because New Delhi is a very popular tourist destination. You can easily combine your Gastric bypass surgery with an attractive holiday in New Delhi where you will get the real taste of India. We at Forerunners Healthcare group are offering low cost obesity surgery packages in New Delhi, India. Recently Ms. Shelly Klassy from the United States got her Gastric bypass surgery in New Delhi, India. She shares her experience with us.

Hi, I am Shelly from the United States. I was in New Delhi, India for my.

Gastric bypass surgery My medical service providers are Forerunners Healthcare Group. I am very thankful to them for their support and wonderful hospitality. I was suffering from obesity and wanted a permanent solution for it. I tried a lot of things including exercise and diet. But it hardly helped. Then my doctor suggested me surgery. The cost of Gastric bypass surgery back home in the United States is too high. Then someone told me about medical tourism in India, I did my research and short listed a few medical tourism companies. But finally decided to go ahead with Forerunners Healthcare Group as they were the quickest to revert. I also read several testimonials from international patients on their website. The information provided on their website was quite satisfactory. So I sent them my query and soon got a call from one of their executives. It was a very simple procedure. I sent them my relevant medical reports and after getting the green signal from the surgeons, I finally came to New Delhi, India for my Gastric bypass surgery. Forerunners Healthcare Group also assisted me with the visa procedure and the travel arrangements. My journey to India was very comfortable and peaceful. The surgeons who performed my Gastric bypass surgery in New Delhi, India were compassionate. They were very kind and it certainly helped me in my speedy recovery. Today, about a month after getting my Gastric bypass surgery in New Delhi, India I am successfully losing weight. I would love to visit India again.

Thank you,

Ms. Shelly Klassy
United States

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