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Mrs. Rowe, Dubai
Blepharoplasty Surgery

Mrs. Rowe after her cosmetic eyelid surgery at Goa in India

Mrs. Rowe after her cosmetic eyelid surgery at Goa in India praises the affordable price quotes and international cosmetic surgery procedures available in India. She says that I was not sure of finding and getting a good quality of eyelid surgery at Dubai moreover I didn’t want to pay more charges at a place where there was not assurance of getting positive results. After verifying all the available options for eyelid surgery Mrs Rowe found that Indian surgeons were reliable for the procedure. On the internet she found Forerunners Healthcare and send a query for an outpatient procedure of eyelid surgery. She immediately received a call from Dr. Dheeraj Bojwani the chief health consultant of Forerunners Healthcare

and he provided him all the details of cosmetic surgery hospitals and cosmetic surgeons providing eyelid surgery in India in fact he offered Mrs. Rowe to get a cosmetic eyelid surgery at Goa in India from one of his associated cosmetic surgeons who was well versed in providing facial cosmetic procedures. Mrs Rowe says “The price quote offered to me by Forerunners Healthcare for my cosmetic eyelid surgery at Goa in India was of very affordable and I didn’t face any delay in getting the appointment date from the Indian surgeon. On reaching India Dr. Bojwani acted kindly and sent his medical team to pick me up at the airport and I was taken to the cosmetic surgery hospital at Goa it was a highly advanced private hospital and there I saw the provisions of all kinds of clinical care amenities my recommended cosmetic surgeon welcomed me in a warm way. Forerunners Healthcare took care of all my needs related to food lodging, clothing and it was really a wonderful experience of getting a cosmetic eyelid surgery at Goa in India. Now I can see the difference in myself as previously I had small bags around my lower eyelids and now after getting an eyelid surgery I have got good results. I appear more younger in facial looks. Thanks to Dr. Dheeraj Bojwani and his team of Forerunners Healthcare for doing such a wonderful job.

Mrs. Rowe

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