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Low Cost Full Body Liposuction at Goa in India

Hi, I am Jessica from USA. I have been exposed to quite a number of health care experiences, but I have never before experienced the quality of care that I received at Forerunnershealthcare for low cost full body liposuction at Goa in India. I am in the field of teaching. One of my relative suggested me to have liposuction as I was getting fat. I feel very embarrassed at that time but I knew I had to take some decision. Finding a medical facility that has the experience, knowledge and state-of-the-art technology to provide the best diagnosis at a low cost is a key factor in your survival and quality of survival . Then one day I came in contact with Forerunnershealthcare Consultants through Internet. I was very happy after watching the video testimonials and patient experiences on their websites. I sent an email to Dr. Bojwani regarding low cost full body liposuction at Goa in India. From the first phone call from him to arrange my first visit, to the final wave when I left, I was treated as if I was the only patient in the facility. I want to thank you very much for making my procedure very easy, including the pre-op and the post-op instructions, in an efficiently and professional way. My liposuction was performed on my thighs, tummy. Hospitals in India has acquired the latest “state-of-the-art technology” and has developed a remarkable new diagnostic program that only they have available. Indian doctors really performed very well. Their English was very excellent, it helped me a lot. When I was in India for low cost full body liposuction at Goa, they performed very well during my two stages of surgery. I have taken several of your brochures and have already given a couple of them to people I known who were interested in seeing them for low cost full body liposuction at Goa in India.

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