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Mr. Orodor, River State Nigeria
Laser Prostate Surgery

Nigerian National gets satisfactory results from Laser Prostrate Surgery in India

laser prostrate surgery,laser prostrate surgery India,laser prostrate,laser prostrate India Hello. I am Mrs. Orodor from Nigeria. Last month my husband got his Laser Prostrate Surgery in India with the assistance of Forerunners Healthcare Group. I am sending this letter to express my gratitude to Dr Dheeraj Bojwani and his team at Forerunners Healthcare Group for arranging Laser Prostrate Surgery in India for my husband at a world class hospital. We came across the website of Forerunners Healthcare Group while surfing the internet and found the information provided at their website very satisfying. Without wasting any time. we called them up and they took care of everything from thereafter. We exchanged information through a series of emails and phone calls.

They asked for my husband’s medical reports for medical investigations and arranged my husband’s Laser Prostrate Surgery under highly skilled surgeon. The surgeon was brilliant and we are very happy with the results. The results have definitely exceeded our expectations. My husband’s Laser Prostrate Surgery in India was performed using latest technology in the field of medicine. I thought such medical facilities are available only in the West. The hospital staff was very friendly and cordial. We had a great time in India and certainly would like to come back.

Thanks a lot!
Mrs. Orodor

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