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I am so grateful to Forerunners Healthcare Consultants for all the service and information they provided for me. I would never have been able to have my Lasik surgery and porcelain veneers done in the Norway because of the cost. I feel that the accommodations and location were a perfect place to recuperate. My husband and son were able to have a wonderful trip and had the ability to do a lot of sightseeing due to the friendliness and helpfulness of the Indian people.

After meeting with my both the surgeons, I had complete confidence in their ability to perform both of my procedures. Receptionist and nurse were wonderful in making me feel comfortable and well informed. Now being back in the Norway recovering I will recommend the services of Forerunners Healthcare Consultants to many of my friends who are interested in having surgeries done.

Lara Darby

Nicola Sanders- who came from England for the Bunion surgery from which she had been suffering since the lat 10 years. She was on the NHS waiting list since last two years for the bunion surgery.

Before traveling to India-I researched my options in Belgium and France. Although the flight to these places is cheap,but the medical treatment and the surgery cost is still very high. I checked out India-and here talked to a couple of providers -before finalizing with the Forerunners Healthcare. Dr Dheeraj Bojwani answered all my questions swiftly and very precisely. He knew what he was doing. He helped me plan the whole trip. It was such a seamless procedure -right from the Airport Pickup to back being at Home in UK was such a wonderful experience.

She wrote to us after reaching back Home-

It is with my deepest thankfulness that I write to you today. I reached home safely, my husband picked me up from the airport and he could simply not believe his eyes when he saw me walking around the way i did. He told me to greet everybody and tell everybody how grateful he is to get a healthy woman back.

I know for sure that Forerunners Healthcare and Dheeraj Bojwani is me and my familys choice for overseas treatment.

Mr Tim Wengeber -who came to India from Germany for the laparoscopic cholecystectomy surgery (key hole surgery to remove the gall bladder).He was treated at the Fortis Hospital in New Delhi.

Dear Dheeraj-Thank you for getting me such good service and care. The staff & nurses treating me were most sympathetic & helpful in every way. Every request by me & my family was granted with warmth, love & affection.

My surgery went wonderful, and I felt no pain after the surgery. A specialist dietician attended to my diet during the time I was in the hospital. My wife is qualified nurse & my daughter final year medical student who flew out to help me were also given the maximum help possible.

The cost of all above treatment & medication were most reasonable & I want to convey my appreciation to Dheeraj Bojwani and Forerunners Healthcare.I have never seen such an enterprising doctor.!!

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