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Laminotomy and Foramenotomy Surgery in India

“I was initially very apprehensive as to whether I had made the right decision to get my laminotomy and Foramenotomy surgery done in India but my experience proved that the decision was correct. Thanks go to Forerunners Healthcare for introducing us to the Indian Hospital our deepest gratitude to Dr. Dheeraj Bojwani for helping me to "walk tall”. I have immensely enjoyed my stay; the surgery was performed with instant success & all kindness and care shown by the staff & nursing team. From initial contact with The Taj Medical Group to the day of my surgery was 19 days. Incredible when you realize I was told to wait 13-16 weeks to even see a consultant in UK & then expected 18 months wait for surgery. For me to be pain free from the moment.

We then stayed at the Hotel arranged by Forerunners Healthcare Consultants. The hotel was clean, comfortable and very friendly. The housekeeping services were excellent. I wish the UK NHS was half as efficient and clean and everything done with a smile! The food was very good and my dietician was so thoughtful, following up on everything I said. I also loved the food though I can appreciate that those with a Western palate might find the choice limited. Physiotherapy won my confidence and eventually had me walking unaided before discharge. Many thanks Forerunners Healthcare Consultants You will be well recommended by me back in the UK."

Brianna Wilson

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